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These Cute Stickers Will Keep Your Kids from Losing Their Lunchboxes
Kiddo Tags

It’s a familiar scenario: Your kid comes home from school either without the jacket you sent her with or with a jacket you’ve never seen before. Kids lose stuff, and it’s fine if it’s a onetime thing, but all too often you’re buying their third lunchbox and school started less than a month ago.

Enter Kiddo Tags, a line of adorably customizable stickers that make sure what’s theirs stays theirs.

The tags are dishwasher and microwave safe, waterproof and UV-resistant, so they’re built to last. They’re also totally customizable. Your little guy or girl can choose their favorite colors or icons, and you can add important health information like serious allergies and emergency contact numbers.

And as an added bonus, these will help little Guinevere learn to spell her name in no time.

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