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The One Mistake You’re Making When You Run with a Jogging Stroller
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Not only did you just have a baby, but you survived the first six months with a newborn. (No small feat.) Now you’re ready to refocus on one of your most favorite things to do pre-baby: running. But if you’re working out with a jogging stroller and using it as a way to get back to your post-baby bod, science says there’s one mistake that most moms tend to make.

Brace yourself: If you want to see results, you actually have to maintain the same pace as when you’re not pushing a stroller, according to a new study published in PLOS One.

Yep, this means that if you typically run an 11-minute mile, you need to do the exact same time with a stroller so your fitness efforts aren’t for naught. (FYI, according to researchers, it’s easiest to achieve your typical pace if you run with both hands placed on the jogging stroller versus just one.)

OK, so it’s not the most fun finding, but wouldn’t you rather know what you’re up against if you’re making the effort to pound the pavement to get back in shape?

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