7 Fascinating Facts About January Babies

They’re the first babies born in the new year, and while first doesn’t necessarily mean best, these winter kids do share a birthday with royalty and are even more likely to be famous. Here, seven weird but wonderful facts about people born in January.

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They’re More Likely To Be Doctors

If you’d like to have an MD in the family and are expecting a January baby, then the odds are in your favor. According to the UK Office of National Statistics, people born in January are more like to become GPs (and weirdly, also debt collectors).

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Their Birthstone Is Garnet

Although the most common color of this pretty gem is red, it actually comes in a variety of shades. And did you know that garnets were traditionally used as a medicinal way to prevent nightmares? (There’s no science to back this up, of course, but it can’t hurt to keep one by your kid’s bed, anyway.)

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Their Star Sign Is Either Capricorn Or Aquarius

Capricorns (born December 22—January 19) are known for being patient, ambitious and loyal. Meanwhile, those who fall under Aquarius (born January 20—February 18) are said to independent, clever and inventive. In other words? Two star signs you definitely want to be friends with.

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They’re More Likely To Be Famous

Who cares about being a doctor when you can be a celebrity? According to a study published in the Journal of Social Sciences that looked at famous people from different fields, it turns out these folks are most likely to be Aquariuses.

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But They May Also Be More Prone To Food Allergies

While genetics have the largest role to play when it comes to allergies, a report in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found that most of the children brought into Boston emergency rooms with food-related allergic reactions were born in the winter. How come? It’s unclear, but scientists suspect it has something to do with moms-to-be and their vitamin D exposure (or lack thereof).

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Their Birth Flower Is Carnation

Looking to get your January friend the perfect bouquet? These frilly blooms are bang on trend. FYI: Pink carnations symbolize affection and red ones mean love.

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They’re In Seriously Good Company

January babes share their birthday with some pretty awesome people, including Kate Middleton, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. So you know, they’re basically royalty.

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