13 Irish Baby Girl Names That Are So Sweet and Totally Darling

Maybe you’re obsessed with the movie Brooklyn. Maybe you love the fact that the Irish are known to have all the luck. Whatever the reason, these 13 adorable Irish baby girl names will help you cherish the heritage—and wow your friends with your baby name originality, too.

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1. Catriona

Meaning “pure,” it’s pronounced “Cat-tree-na.” It also translates well across cultures: in French, Katharina and in Greek, Aikaterina. Literati may recognize the name from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Catriona.


2. Nora

This name is derived from the Latin words for “honor” and “reputation.” (Also, a shorthand version of Eleanor.)


3. Fionnoula

Meaning, “fair-shouldered,” this Irish baby girl name is pronounced “Finn-ooh-la.”


4. Aoife

This one's a tribute to “the greatest warrior woman in the world.” (No pressure, baby.) Pronounced “Ee-fuh,” the slight variation will help her stand out from all the Evas in preschool.

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5. Nessa

The name Nessa is for the go-getters, meaning “ambitious and totally fierce.” It can be short for Vanessa, too.

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6. Keela

With the meaning “a beauty that only poetry can capture,” Irish baby name Keela sounds like an artist in the making. Anglicized spellings include Keelin, Keely and Kelly.


7. Teagan

Teagan means “beautiful.” It draws roots from the Gaelic “Taghg,” which translates to “wise poet.”


8. Sinead

Meaning “God is gracious,” Sinead is pronounced “shi-NAYD.” And don’t worry, any O’Connor references will be lost on the next generation, sadly.


9. Brigid

This Irish baby girl name means “power” and “virtue.” In Irish mythology, Brigid is the goddess of fire and poetry.


10. Meara

Meara means “sea,” making it a fitting moniker for a beach babe. Alternate spellings include Mira and Myra.

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11. Saoirse

Increasingly popular in Ireland, it means “freedom” and “liberty.” And thanks to Ryan Gosling, like we could ever forget the pronunciation: It’s Ser-sha.

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12. Aisling

Pronounced “ash-ling,” this Irish baby girl name means “dream, vision.” A great choice for a little one with big aspirations.

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13. Maeve

Coming from old Gaelic “Méabh,” in folklore, Maeve was a queen reputed for her her strength and resilience.

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