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If you’ve idled away an afternoon or two watching adorable kitten videos, the next logical step is getting a furry feline to call your own, right? One problem: You or someone in your family is allergic. Although no cat is completely allergy-free, some breeds are less likely to cause those pesky symptoms (sneezing, itching, sniffling, watery eyes—you know the drill). That’s because they produce less allergens (namely, pet dander and a specific symptom-causing protein in their saliva). Here, eight hypoallergenic kitty cats purr-fect for allergy sufferers (oh come on, we had to).

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Hypoallergenic Begal Cat
FaST_9/Getty Images


This family-friendly feline sheds less than other breeds, which makes them a great option for allergy sufferers. Active and intelligent, Bengals are one of the more dog-like breeds (they love playing in water and will even play fetch)—just don’t tell them that.

Cute grey Siberian cat
KathiTaltos/Getty Images


Want a kitty cat you can cuddle with? Siberians are highly affectionate, and despite their shaggy fur, they produce much less of the allergy-causing protein Fel D1. If you want a pet that will greet you at the door and then follow you around the house without making you sneeze, a loyal and easygoing Siberian is a good bet.

Hypoallergenic Sphynx cat
peterpancake/Getty Images


This hairless breed is popular with allergy sufferers, since its lack of fur means less places for irritating allergens to get stuck into (although you’ll still need to give yours regular baths to keep oil buildup to a minimum). Big-eared and wide-eyed, this curious kitty makes a loyal companion (just ask Dr. Evil).

Hypoallergenic Russian Blue Cat lying with books
Olezzo/Getty Images

Russian Blue Cat

This beautiful breed features a luxurious silver coat that’s highly dense, which means that allergens are trapped close to the skin rather than being dispersed around you. Although they can be shy with strangers, this hypoallergenic cat loves company and is affectionate with owners.

Hypoallergenic white Cornish Rex cat
aliven/Getty Images  

Cornish Rex

With their unique curly coat, these sweet kitties are easy to groom and shed less than other breeds. They love being the center of attention and are happy to perform tricks and cuddle with their family. But Cornish Rexes can be talkative, so they might not be the best option for those who want peace and quiet at home.

White and grey hypoallergenic Oriental Shorthair cat
White_bcgrd/Getty Images

Oriental Shorthair

This long and lean feline has a short coat (duh) that sheds little, although you’ll still need regular grooming sessions to keep her fur shiny and healthy. Outgoing, friendly and happy, Oriental shorthairs are talkative and easygoing (they’ll even get along with dogs).

Cute brown Burmese hypoallergenic cat
Zuzule/Getty Images


Charming and sociable (so perhaps not ideal for busy families), Burmese cats have short and dense coats that may help those suffering from allergies. This sweet breed loves to sit in your lap, sleep in your bed and follow you from room to room.

Hypoallergnic Balinese cat
sjallenphotography/Getty Images


Don’t be fooled by this energetic kitty’s fluffy coat—they actually produce much less Fel D1, which makes them a good choice for those with pet sensitivities. Also known as “longhaired Siamese,” Balinese cats are social, intelligent and easy to teach (they’ll even walk on a leash if that’s your thing).

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