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The Genius Way to Organize Frozen Breast Milk in Your Freezer
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It’s a daunting (and draining) task, but you did it: You actually built up a freezer supply of breast milk so that you have a solid “reserve” for those days when your milk output suddenly dips—or you simply need to pump and dump. Now, your once-organized freezer space has turned into a receptacle for plastic bags filled with a variety of ounces, all interspersed between your frozen peas and meat. Good thing we found a better way.

What you need: An empty soda carton and scissors

What you do: First, open up the perforated part of the carton. Next, cut the opening a little bit wider. Finally, fill the box with your frozen pouches of breast milk, catalog-style and in chronological order by date. (So the oldest milk is at the front and the newest milk is in the back.) Then, every day when you come home with a new bag, put it in the back of the carton, so it pushes up the older contents just a bit further.

Keep in mind, vertical or horizontal storage depends on the box. If you’re using a Diet Coke carton, you’ll want to store your milk vertically; if you’re using something with a larger width like a La Croix 12-pack container, you can file your pouches horizontally.

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