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The busier the family, the harder it can be to make health a priority (you’ve only got so many hours in the day, people). We have a few suggestions for little ways to keep your family’s wellness in check without skipping a beat.

kids sunscreen

Make Sun Care More Fun

SPF and bug spray shouldn’t fall by the wayside just because you don’t have an extra minute to furiously rub it in. Ditch the messy liquids and sprays for organic sunscreen sticks and bug repellent wipes. They’re so easy to use that you may even succeed in getting your kids to do it themselves (with you at the ready for touch-ups, of course).


Spend Less Time Making Snacks

You made breakfast. You made lunch. You made dinner. Now you’re also going to spend what feels like half your life slicing grapes so the kids have something healthy to snack on? Go easy on yourself, mama. Instead of DIY-ing everything, try RXBAR Kids. They’re healthy and wholesome—made from just a few clean ingredients that you can actually see, so you know exactly what you’re getting (not to mention it’s written right on the cute packaging). They also come in kid-approved flavors your little ones will eat right up, like Berry Blast and Chocolate Chip. 

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kids drink more water1

Make Water Bottles a Treat

Instead of lugging around a bunch of Aquafina bottles (that they may or may not even drink), get the kids excited about their daily H2O intake by letting them pick out their own reusable water bottles. Turning the process into a fun shopping adventure will help them develop a positive association with the act of drinking water, and you’ll have a healthy, hydrated family.

kids gardening1

Garden Together

You’ve been meaning to do something with that grassy spot at the perimeter of your lawn. But who has the time? Surprise: Planting flowers and bushes is a lot quicker if you don’t go at it alone. Enlist your partner and little ones to get their hands dirty with a couple of azaleas and butterfly bushes. Also, gardening = major workout, so it pretty much checks all your boxes.

parenting apps

Embrace Technology

Whether or not you believe in sticking a tablet in front of a toddler, the fact is that our modern form of communication is reliant on devices. Instead of fighting it, try going with the flow. Download family apps that enable schedule sharing and meal planning, get better at texting your kids and emailing your spouse, and be open to anything that keeps the household running more smoothly. A steady routine and planning are great for keeping families responsible, well fed and well rested, which is critical when school’s out.

family activities1

But Learn When to Unplug

Instead of treating TV and devices like the bad guys, encourage family time that naturally discourages usage. Order dinner once or twice a week and use the time you would have spent cooking to go outside and play fun games like giant Jenga, capture the flag or anything else that keeps their minds and bodies active and interacting with one another (and, of course, you).

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