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The Trick to Getting Your Kids to Tell You About Their Day

The next time you’re sitting around the dinner table with your kids, badgering them to share what happened with their math test, at recess and on the school bus, stop and try a different tactic. 

A recent article in The Washington Post explains: Getting your kids to tell you about their day is actually as simple as asking the question “Do you want to hear about my day?” first. In most cases, your kids will be perplexed and fascinated and, according to the mom who tested it out, they’ll pretty much never say no.

This gives you complete freedom to go into detail about what you had for lunch, the meeting you had with your boss and the long lines at the grocery store. It also gives your kids an example that they will probably want to replicate. (Cue the influx of info about what Susie said to Sally on the playground. Whoa.)

The best part: It doesn’t matter at all what you did that day. It’s about sharing the details on what made you laugh, when you felt bored or what challenged you and setting a model for your kids.

The fact that it’s a chance to unload a bit, too? That’s just a bonus.

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