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A Super-Clever Trick for Getting Your Fashionista Teen out the Door Faster
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Despite your best efforts to raise a sensible, feminist, it's-what-matters-on-the-inside-that-counts little girl, your daughter is suddenly more clothing-obsessed than Cher Horowitz and Anna Wintour combined. And as if that weren't bad enough, she's nearly impossible to get out the door to school each morning, since she's picking out her outfit until 30 seconds before the bus arrives.  

Here's a nifty trick we stole from one of our cleverest mom pals.

Step 1: In the week before school starts, have your daughter try on as many outfits as she can dream up. Mix skirts, jeans, tops, shoes, etc. Take a photo of her modeling each look.

Step 2: Have those photos printed (we know, old-school) and put them in a shoe-box inside her closet. 

Step 3: On the night before her first day of school, have her pick out her Monday through Friday outfits for the week, and tape them to her mirror, in order. Repeat each week, swapping in new outfits as she acquires them.

Step 4: Behold! A teenage girl who can get out the door in 45 minutes!  

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