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Here are the cold, hard facts: 1) Cooped-up kids need to be taken outside to run around, even especially in the aftermath of a bomb cyclone. 2) Brrrrrrrrr.

But if your crew is too little to be aired out alone (see: scientific evidence that no one under age eight can keep a mitten on for more than a minute), there’s still hope. It seems there’s an activity nursery school teachers and outdoorsy parents have been on to for some time now: snow painting.

Just fill a bunch of squeeze (or spray) bottles with H2O and food coloring—the more saturated, the better—and let the kids get all Jackson Pollock on your front yard. Or for the truly temperature-intolerant (hey, no judgment), bring a tray of the white stuff indoors and invite the wee ones to have at it with watercolors.

See below for the coolest artistes on the ’Gram.

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Big Snowman

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Baby Snowman

Busy Hands

A Beautiful Mess

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Note the Ikea Trofast Bin

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Mermaids Are So In Right Now

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Syringe Art FTW

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