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6 Moms Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions, Plus New Ones to Start This Year

It goes without saying: We’ve never experienced a year quite like 2020. So, while we’ll still celebrate the same holidays, they’ll look a bit different this year with more time spent indoors, lots of FaceTime and an extra dose of being thankful.

There are plenty of traditions we’ll never give up (Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on repeat, for instance), but a year like this means there’s room to start some new ones, too. Here, six moms on how they’re celebrating the season in old ways and new, including what gifts to get for everyone on your list—near or far.

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Cozy Christmas Day Pajamas

For Amanda Upadhyaya, mom to a 6-year-old, it’s all about the cozy pajama picture. “Every year our family wears coordinating Christmas Day pajamas. We take a photo all squished together in front of our tree and I love seeing how much our son has grown from year to year in each photo.” This year, try taking the family Christmas card photo via Zoom, aka “Brady Bunch-style.” Ask relatives near and far to join the Zoom dressed in their holiday PJs, then screenshot it and use it for the annual card.

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Cutting Down the Tree Together

Duana Cooper, mom of three, said the best family tradition takes place the day after Thanksgiving. “We get dressed up to cut down our Christmas tree. Then, we come home to decorate in matching family pajamas. It never gets old.” This year, take your coordination beyond the living room and get matching masks for the tree cutting, too.

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Creating Homemade Ornaments

For Dana Harvey, mom of two, the time spent at home has led to more than a few silver linings, one of them being that their craft supply is at full capacity due to being cooped up and needing more indoor activities. “We’ve decided to make an ornament together that will hold a picture of our family this year and each year thereafter,” said Harvey. “It will be so fun to see our Christmas tree in 15 years.” Add a special twist to the tradition: Plan a Zoom session with grandparents who can’t be there for the crafting. They’ll love weighing in on the ornament and being able to participate in a fun holiday activity, and you can’t beat the family bonding (even if it’s via screentime).

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Donating Toys to Kids in Need

Arushi Garg is all about teaching her four-year-old son an important lesson this season. “We want him to know that the holidays aren't only about receiving but giving back to the community. We have asked him to select some new toys that he wants to donate to kids in need, while also taking time to help others as a family,” Garg said. Just don’t forget to mask up with a festive holiday print before heading out to drop off the toys.

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Stocking Stuffers

Flannel lounge pants make the perfect gift for all ages,” said Kelle Hampton, mom of three. “We also love stocking up on Old Navy accessories for stocking stuffers—hair accessories, socks, jewelry…all of it.” For those who can’t join for the actual holiday, fill a pair of fuzzy socks with accessories and candy for a DIY “stocking” that can be actually worn after it’s been unwrapped.

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Matching Pajama Sets

Ashley Ross, mom to two girls says her favorite gift to give everyone on her list is a cozy pajama set. “I love gifting Old Navy's adorable holiday pajamas. We always get them for the entire family!” Once the gifts are opened, host a Zoom PJ party so your extended family and friends can show off their matching styles “together.” Then pick a holiday movie that the group starts at the same time for an extra-special evening where everyone feels included.

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