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How to Stop That Annoying Internet Wheel

Having a high-speed Wi-Fi router is the glue that holds the fam together, especially when you’re all gathered for the holidays (and you absolutely must stream Gilmore Girls). But if the Wi-Fi signal can’t reach your bedroom or slows down when more than three people are connected, there will be grumbling.

Keep the peace with Google Wifi, the new home Wi-Fi system that replaces your existing router with sleek Wifi points, providing every inch of your space with reliable Wi-Fi.

First, there’s the seamless coverage: These well-designed Google Wifi points are placed throughout your home—and are good-looking enough to be shown off, not hidden. If your house is less than 1,500 square feet, you need just one ($129); anything bigger and you should upgrade to the three-pack ($299).

Next, it’s easy to set up: A simple mobile app walks you through the setup process, so you’re online in no time.

Finally, look at all you can do: The app shows you which devices are connected to the network, remembers your Wi-Fi password for guests and gives devices Wi-Fi priority when they need it most, such as during family video calls (it’s like Aunt Lisa is right there with you).

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

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