7 Gifts for the Millennial in Your Life Who Just Can’t Even

What to get the generation that has everything? Nope, not a participation trophy (although, they really do like those…). Here, seven gifts perfect for every millennial in your life.

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American Tourister

A Rose-Gold Suitcase

Because she’s been wanderlust-ing for Thailand (more specifically, an Instagram of riding an elephant) for, like, ever. 

American Tourister ($69)


A Mindful Meditation Coloring Book

His attention span needs help. (We mean, he can’t even make it through a whole round of HQ Trivia…)

Amazon ($8)


An Arm Brace

Carpal tunnel syndrome is real, people.

Bracoo ($15)


Dog Ears

For when she doesn’t have Wi-Fi in Thailand but still needs her fave-Snapchat-filter fix.

Amazon ($5)


A Giant Beanbag Chair

Binge-watching never felt so inescapable.

LoveSac ($1,300)


An iPhone Purse

What else could they possibly need? 

Bandolier ($88)

Sleep Riot

A Unicorn Onesie

Drink the unicorn. Bake the unicorn. BE THE UNICORN. (OK, and then please retire the unicorn.)

Sleep Riot ($25) 

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