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Being a new mom is overwhelming enough, but just imagine the fear and worry you might feel if you don’t have a proper place for your newborn to sleep when you get home.

Cue the New Jersey arrival of baby boxes, a non-toxic cardboard crib that includes a firm mattress and fitted sheet, aka a guaranteed environment for a safe night’s sleep.

The new mom gift is actually a Finnish tradition that dates back 75+ years and is a highly effective solution for reducing the number of SIDS cases per year. In fact, Finland has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world with just 1.3 deaths per 1,000 births. (FYI, the U.S. rate is 5.82 deaths per 1,000 births, according to the CDC.)

Thanks to a grant, New Jersey is officially the first state to partner with the Baby Box Company to give out more than 100,000 baby boxes to new and expecting moms. (Did we mention the boxes also include diapers, baby wipes, breast pads, nipple cream, educational materials for new parents and more?)

New Jersey moms: Find out if you qualify for the boxes by registering here. Fingers crossed more states take their cue from the Garden State super-soon.

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