Deciding what to pack for a trip to France is hard enough, but toss in two kids under the age of five, and it’s a whole new type of challenge. Suddenly you’re forsaking that second pair of espadrilles in favor of activity books and beach balls (100 percent necessary). Our SVP of content knows the struggle, because she’s currently packing for a vacance to Provence with her two children. Here, she weighs in on the mom- and kid-friendly essentials that made the cut.

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sun hats

Packable Sun Hats

"You better believe the kids and I will be sporting foldable sun hats with UPF protection for hot days in the lavender fields.”

Wallaroo Hat Company ($14); Wallaroo Hat Company ($21); Wallaroo Hat Company ($54)


Inflatable Beach Ball

“We're staying right by the beach, but who wants to schlep clunky sand toys half-way across the world? My quick fix: A packable blow-up beach ball.”

Kangaroo ($8)


Leather Transport Tote

“Just like a French woman, I don't use diaper bags. This leather tote is so much chicer and holds just as much.”

Madewell ($168)


Vegan Leather Slides

“These shoes are sooo comfortable. And they're waterproof!”

Reef ($45)


'Furious Hours': Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep

“I’m so excited to read this true crime thriller about the murder case Harper Lee was investigating in the 1970s, after publishing To Kill a Mockingbird. I've heard it's unputdownable!”

Amazon ($16)


Kids’ Water Bottle

“Bring on the planes, trains and museums—we take hydration seriously in this family.”

CamelBak ($13)


No-Fuss Sunnies

“For those mornings when I'm recovering from too much Malbec from the night before.”

Toms ($130)


Reusable Activity Sticker Pads

“I'm counting on this guy to take up *at least* two hours of the plane ride. (Fingers crossed.)”

Melissa and Doug ($13)


Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

“Because we still have six more hours on that plane.”

Amazon ($100)

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