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finery kids closet

When you’re pregnant with kiddo number one, it’s so much fun to stock up on adorable onesies, tiny little socks and miniature parkas. But by the time number two comes around, you’re eager to pull out the hand-me-downs. The only problem? You have absolutely no idea what you own and where you stored it. Enter, the magical powers of Finery, a wardrobe organizing website that's about to change your world.

Every time you purchase an item of clothing online for your children, Finery automatically adds it to a separate Kids’ Wardrobe as part of your account. So you can easily scroll through to see everything your firstborn wore and remember if that cute parka has a hood or not. The most genius part, however, is the fact that you can add notes to every purchase on sizing and storage location (say “winter items in attic”) so you won’t have to dig through seven boxes just to find one coat. Major. Game. Changer.

how to make notes in finery kids wardrobe

So as you pack up your next box of future hand-me-downs, simply pop into your Finery Kids’ Wardrobe, click on the item you’re stowing and type in the size and storage location. Voilà! Now you’ll never again have to waste money on a new set of Christmas pj's or summer sun hat.

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