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This Buzzy New Toy Could Actually Help Your Kids Anxiety

If Hatchimals were the buzz of 2016 (and then the bane of your existence), good news: They’re officially old news. There’s a new toy in town and it’s selling out faster than your kids can get bored with it.

Called the Fidget Spinner, the gadget was made with children who suffer from ADHD and autism in mind. The idea is simple: Balance the palm-sized toy on your thumb and attempt to keep it spinning constantly without it falling off. Easy? Kinda. Addicting? Very. The point? To increase focus, alleviate anxiety and channel energy and creativity in those that have trouble, well, with fidgeting.

There’s some controversy about how well it works—with certain studies pointing to the fact that you should actually encourage squirming and moving to help direct focus...and a lot of teachers arguing that the gadget is causing more of a distraction in their classrooms. But as any mom who has ever tried to keep an eight-year-old occupied during a car ride knows, you will go to any lengths necessary to buy yourself some quiet time.

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