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I’ve Legit Seen 3 Fashionable New Yorkers Using This Diaper Bag as a Purse

Anyone who lives in New York City and rides the subway on the regular knows that the mass transit system is famous for two things: 1) Being totally unreliable and 2) Serving as an underground runway for fashion-forward New Yorkers to put their amazing personal style on display.

That’s where I first spotted it. I was riding the A train from Brooklyn to Manhattan when I noticed a woman carrying a Freshly Picked diaper bag—wait for it—as a purse.

A bit of background about how I knew it was a diaper bag. As a new(ish) mom—and one who did her diaper bag research, let me tell you—I’d say that I’m pretty up to speed about the range (or lack there of) of chic options for moms to use to carry baby essentials, say, diapers and butt paste, on the go.

Freshly Picked’s diaper bag option always stood out to me as a bag that was more stylish than the average bear. (In other words, it was free of chevron patterns, loud florals and supersized monogramming—you know exactly what I mean.)

Back to the woman on the train. The diaper bag she was toting wasn’t being used as a diaper bag at all. In all black, it was her totally sophisticated-looking carry-all for work. And, unlike a diaper bag, it wasn’t weighted down with diapers and rash cream and wipes. The way she held it, it actually looked like there was nothing more than her laptop, wallet and maybe a pair of kitten heels she could change into after work for the posh plans I imagined her having (happy hour at a cool bar, of course—a place you’d never ever venture into with a child, let alone a bulky diaper bag).

But that’s not all. Since that original ride, I’ve seen not one, but two other women carrying the Freshly Picked tote (one more in black, another in cognac), proof that it holds up as an everyday—and fashionable—work bag that you can use to carry your laptop and planner, then stuff to the gills with a bottle of milk and a pouch of cheddar bunnies later on.

To think we used to consider our subway ride a waste of time.

Buy it ($175)

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