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There’s nothing quite like a good game to bring your relatives together. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about actual sports. We mean family-friendly party games when you’re trying to divert attention away the barrage of questions on why you haven’t had a second (or third or fourth) child yet. Your food baby is quite enough right now, thank you.

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The Seasoned Mom

Turkey Bowling

Best for: A gathering with a lot of kids

Why it’s great: This is for the craftier among us, as it requires a bit of cutting and pasting. The game itself is straightforward: You roll a pumpkin (or ball) at the decorated cups and knock ’em out like you would pins at a bowling alley.



Best for: A gathering with guests of all ages

Why it’s great: Come on, it’s a classic for a reason. You just split your group into teams, write topic ideas on cards, clear a space for people to act out their cards and delight as everyone yells over each other until they’re blue in the face. Here, we even found you a charade idea generator.


Thanksgiving Pictionary

Best for: Ages 12 and up

Why it’s great: For starters, there are so many Pictionary sets available on Amazon at affordable prices that you won’t break the bank trying to entertain your guests. And it’s a classic choice for any group of artistically inclined friends or family.

Catan Shop

Settlers of Catan

Best for: The true gamers among us (ages 8 and up)

Why it’s great: Everyone loves to nerd out, and this family-friendly game is perfect for those who live to strategize. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, set this one out for your school-age guests and watch them fall into the beautiful, beautiful silence of deep thought. Get it on Amazon.


Heads Up!

Best for: Injecting some energy into a group that might not know each other well

Why it’s great: Simply download the app on your phone and get people to clue you into what’s on the screen. It’s pretty self-explanatory from there—once you get the hang of holding your phone to your head.



Best for: Word nerds

Why it’s great: This is basically Scrabble’s cooler, edgier cousin. While Scrabble is all about quiet concentration, Boggle throws a time stamp into the mix so you’re never bored by the pace of play. Opt for Big Boggle if your group skews older or Boggle Jr. to get the younger crowd flexing their vocabulary.


Sticker Stalker

Best for: Breaking the ice and stocking up on adorable stickers

Why it’s great: All you need to do is give every guest ten stickers to covertly stick to other guests without them noticing. If your target catches you, they get to put a sticker on you. The first one to get rid of all their stickers wins. It’s like the easiest version of spy games you’ll ever play.

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