Got Kids? Here’s Why You Need an Evening Pre-Brief

One of the toughest challenges of motherhood is the emotional burden that comes with it to keep track of a zillion little details (homework due dates! soccer practice schedules! field trip permission slips!) at once. But there's actually a shockingly simple way to lighten your load and make it so you're not the only one responsible for remembering: Enlist the help of your kids.

Enter the evening pre-brief, a tactic that requires you to run through the whole family's schedule/routine for the next day right before shut-eye with each of your children.

Vivienne needs to bring that signed permission slip? Say it out loud to Vivienne. Marlon needs to pack his show-and-tell project? Remind him.

When the chaos of the morning hits, you'd be surprised how much kids remember that parents frequently don’t.

In addition, running through the events of the following day in advance works wonders for really anxious kids since going over everything ahead of time can be calming. (It's all about removing uncertainty and helping them know what's coming next, according to experts.)

Think of it as delegation by osmosis. (Besides, their developing brains are supposed to be sponges, right?)

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