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When it comes to keeping your little one clean (or at the very least, free of snot), it’s a daily struggle. Here are some tried-and-true products that make things a bit easier and tear-free.

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For Diaper Rashes: Desitin Rapid Relief Cream

For moms of babies and toddlers, a tube of diaper cream is an absolute must. (Why does diaper rash always seem to coincide with teething?) Our pick is the tried-and-true Desitin brand, which smells squeaky-clean fresh and generally clears up rashes in a matter of hours.


For Bathing: California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash

Fun fact: A mother created this popular two-in-one wash after realizing that most conventional options had carcinogens in them. Since then, it’s remained a mainstay in the now 80-plus product line (all of which are made in an FDA-certified organic facility) because it’s gentle enough for a baby’s first bath but strong enough to get the grime off older kids, too.

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For Tangles: SoCozy Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner

Every mom knows that the key to getting a brush through a head full of knots is a good detangling spray. And though there are tons to choose from, this conditioning formula won us over with its clean ingredients (there are no parabens or sulfates) and silky smooth results. (It won our kids over with its fruity scent and punchy packaging.)

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For Dry, Itchy Skin: Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Baths + winter + steam heat = super-dry skin. Which is why we’re obsessed with this extra mild cream from Aveeno. Made with colloidal oatmeal, it can safely be used from head-to-toe (seriously, it’s National Eczema Association approved) and is hydrating without being too greasy. 

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For Chapped Skin: The Honest Company Healing Balm

All of that snot wiping can leave faces red and raw. Luckily, a dab of ointment along the underside of the nose (and lips) is all you need to keep delicate skin protected. We’re partial to this one by the Honest Company because it’s thick enough to stay put but doesn’t feel greasy when your kiddo comes in for a kiss. And since a little goes a very long way, one tube lasts forever—which is great because we’ve been known to sneak some on our chapped lips, too.

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For On-the-Go Cleaning: WaterWipes

Whether it’s cleaning crusties around the eyes or wiping down sticky hands before snack time, a pack of wipes is a must for handling any impromptu messes and keeping germs away. The aptly named WaterWipes (they’re made with 99.9 percent water and a 0.1 percent fruit extract) are a staple for us because they can be used for just about anything (and on any body part).

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For Sun Protection: Babyganics Mineral Based Sunscreen

The biggest knocks on sunscreen (as kids or adults) are that it’s streaky, smelly and it stings when it gets too close to your eyes. This one by Babyganics is none of the above thanks to its fragrance-free, water-resistant and highly emollient formula. Just make sure to do a quick patch test on their skin before applying it all over.

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