This Is the Best Dog Breed for ESFP Personalities

Sorry to interrupt, ESFP, we know you were in the middle of belting “My Heart Will Go On” simply because there was a nanosecond of awkward silence in the elevator, but we have news. There’s a dog breed that best complements your chatty, fun-loving (and yes, sometimes impatient) personality.

Any guesses? Here’s a clue. It, too, is impatient, chatty (in its own way) and incredibly fun-loving. Last chance to guess…

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi! (But since everyone needs a catchy stage name, let’s just call them corgis.)

These lively, full-of-personality pups pack a lot of punch for such a small package—kinda like your vocal chords. You soak up so much of your energy from socializing, and honestly, any social butterfly would get their kicks hanging with a pack of energetic corgis. They’re almost as outgoing as you are. Their “big dog” barks are also great for filling up any sonic silence. (You hate silence.)

Corgis are bold, active and intelligent, but don’t be fooled—they’re also highly sensitive. (Just like you, right?) Sure, most people don’t realize how acutely aware you are of the emotional temperature of the room as you instinctually begin a tap-dancing diversion the moment Jenny’s ex-boyfriend enters the party with a date, but it’s true. You are deeply aware of other people’s feelings. After a night of protecting everyone else, wouldn’t it be nice to be welcomed home by a sympathetic little pup?

And hell, even Queen Elizabeth has corgis. They have the royal stamp of approval. They’re the Meghan Markle of dogs! And since ESFPs believe in the power of glimmer and sparkle, what is shinier than the crown jewel of canines? Long story short: Corgis are an ESFP match made in heaven.

The Best Dog Breed for Your Personality Type