Have a Pet? Try Finding a Job That Offers This

pet insurance through work

To purchase pet insurance or not purchase pet insurance—that is the question.

For pet owners, it's a tricky decision. Should you pay the high monthly premiums even if you have a super-low-risk pet? (Hello there, indoor cat.) Or what if your four-legged family member is all caught up on shots and already had its spaying or neutering surgery? Still worth it?

Not sure? Well, you’re not alone. In 2017, only 1 to 2 percent of America’s dogs and cats were insured. Healthcare for our human family members is expensive enough; why add to your monthly costs? On the flip side, an emergency, life-saving ER visit for your beloved pet could mean tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. (We're sweating just thinking about it.)

It’s no wonder that according to a 2018 Dogs in the Workplace Survey, a whopping 92 percent of pet parents would love love love more dog and cat (and bird and rabbit, etc.) employee benefits—and we’re not just talking about Bring Your Dog to Work Day. According to Cristina Tudino, editor-in-chief of pet wellness brand Ollie, more employers will be offering pet health coverage to employees in 2019. In fact, between one-third to half of all Fortune 500 companies are offering such pet insurance perks to their employees.

So if you happen to be on the job search and are looking out for a furry friend, we highly suggest you keep an eye out for a gig that’s got your back the next time Little Miss Puggy decides your underwear is edible.

*Refreshes résumé immediately*

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