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Awww, your clever kids want to make homemade Halloween decorations. But there’s no way you’re going within a ten-mile radius of a crowded craft store right now. Three-hour lines? No, thanks. Luckily, we’ve got eight easy Halloween crafts you can make with stuff from around the house. 

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Paper Pumpkins

If you have thick card stock and some paper clips, your kids can whip up these classy pumpkins in about 15 minutes.

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Hanging Bats

Toilet-paper rolls? Check. Tempera paint? Check. Pipe cleaners? Check. Construction paper? Check. You’re about to get a few spooky new pets for Halloween.

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Glitter Pumpkins

Forget carving jack-o’-lanterns this year. Instead, grab some glitter, glue and painters tape, and get ready to have the chicest front porch in town.

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Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern

Wait, did we say forget jack-o’-lanterns? We’ll make an exception for this cute tropical guy.

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Yarn Mummy

If you have cardboard and yarn in the junk drawer, your kid can make this mummy in ten minutes flat.

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Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Sacrifice your afternoon snack to make a Halloween-themed art project for the fridge.

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Ghost Tassels

Decorate every door and window in the house with these spooky yarn ghouls.

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Pumpkin Yarn Garland

Remember all the yarn you bought when you were on that knitting kick? The sooner you admit you’re never going to finish that scarf, the sooner you’ll have this adorable decoration for your mantel.

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