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It seems like just yesterday that you were playing Santa, sneaking presents under the tree and smiling through your sleep deprivation as they unwrapped their singing “Baby Shark” dolls (*shudder*). You might not feel ready to revive all that holiday magic...but like it or not, it’s time to start talking about the special bunny who’s gonna hop around your house stuffing sweets in strange places. The good news is that you can make the magic happen from the comfort of your couch, egg hunt included. Here are a few of the best Easter gifts and supplies to make sure the bunny takes it easy this year.

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1. Easter Joke Book

Help your kid get some of that goofy candy-fueled energy out with this book of laughs. The comedy here is clean and cringe-free, and your whole family will be grateful the Easter Bunny had the foresight to give your kids something to do when the egg hunt ends.

$5 at Amazon

2. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

It’s a little meta to put a basket inside an Easter basket, but hear us out. Your kid will enjoy hatching these little animals, and you will enjoy the fact that he found something egg-shaped and Easter-themed that’s not edible.

$15 at Amazon

3. Hatchable Dino Eggs

The same hatch-your-own-critter fun as Hatchimals but with a prehistoric twist that’s great for the dino lover in your life. Although the toy’s theme technically dates back to B.C., there are eggs involved, so it’s not too big of a stretch to nestle them into the Easter grass.

$13 at Amazon

4. Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

A fun book for younger kids and a festive must-have for fans of Pete the Cat. The colors in this book are bold and bright, the cat is cute and kids will love listening to a story about the Easter Bunny’s special sidekick (because even giant magical bunnies could use a helping hand).

$6 at Amazon

5. Mochi Mini Squishies

Was that egg hunt a little too exciting? If you anticipate a meltdown this Easter, save your sanity by tucking these cute, squishy characters into your kid’s basket. Supersoft and easy to squeeze, they have major sensory appeal and are fabulous for small hands in need of a stress reliever.

$12 at Amazon

6. Infantino Textured Carrot Teether

Baby’s first Easter? Great news: You get to eat all the candy. But don’t feel bad about it—your little bunny will be quite content chomping on this nubby carrot.

$5 at Amazon

7. A Colorful Easter (Peter Cottontail)

Buy yourself a few minutes of quiet time by adding a painting project to your child’s Easter basket. The activity book provides an art project that’s suitable for older kids, and little ones will just enjoy smearing colors all over the page.

$4 at Amazon

8. Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

If you’re the proud parent of a car fanatic, you have likely memorized the original Little Blue Truck book. Freshen up your storytime rotation with this new twist on an old favorite.

$8 at Amazon

9. Jofan Sidewalk Chalk Easter Set

You and your kid will likely benefit from some fresh spring air once that sugar high kicks in. She’ll hit the ground running...and when she’s out of steam you can all collapse in the driveway for some chalk art therapy.

$11 at Amazon

10. Yellies! Voice-activated Bunny Pet Toy

Get your threenager a voice-activated bunny and you will be happy she’s bossing around a toy instead of you. We aren’t saying you should endulge your toddler’s tyrannical behavior, but she’ll definitely get a kick out of watching this critter scurry around and respond to her (many, many) commands.

$8 at Amazon

11. Golden Egg Hunt

If you stayed up all night last year coming up with riddles your kids didn’t understand for an elaborate Easter scavenger hunt (yup, that was us), feel free to phone it in this year with a bag of pre-filled eggs. Your kid won’t miss the clever clues, he just wants the candy—and all 16 of these plastic eggs are packed with it. Tuck the special golden egg into his Easter basket and you’re sure to hear lots of oohs and aahs at the grand finale.

$20 at Amazon

12. The Velveteen Rabbit

A classic tearjerker that has stood the test of time. There are beautiful illustrations, a moving message about friendship and the transformative power of love. (Just save this one for bedtime, because it will go in one ear and out the other until all the candy has been consumed.)

$12 at Amazon

13. JellyCat Stuffed Bunny Mini

Jellycat makes quality stuffed animals that don’t cost too much (so you won’t want to cry when they come into contact with slime). This plush bunny is supersoft and the ideal size for an Easter basket stuffer.

$15 at Amazon

14. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury makes the best Easter chocolate, hands down. The crunchy, vanilla-scented coating, the rich milk chocolate, the charming pastel palette…you haven’t lived until you’ve tried one. No judgment if you stash these little guys in the pantry for yourself and toss some jelly beans into their Easter baskets instead.

$17 at Amazon

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