Dog Leash Umbrellas Are Equal Parts Ridiculous and Genius—Here's Where to Buy One

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Don't you just hate it when you want to take your pup for a stroll but it's raining or snowing outside? You end up either staying cooped up in the house or cutting your 45-minute endeavor into a 10-minute lap around the block all because of a slight drizzle (that would definitely douse your puppy and prompt that dreaded wet dog smell if you stay out too long). Well, thanks to dog umbrellas with leashes—yes, you read that correctly—you won't have to do that anymore. These nifty and absolutely ridiculous devices allow you to walk your dog no matter the weather. Here's where you can nab one.

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1. Lesypet Dog Umbrella With Leash

Ideal for a particularly active pup, this umbrella is made of durable polyester material, which means you don't have to worry about tearing it as you try to wrangle your energetic bud. Not only is it waterproof to protect against the rain, it's also windproof. And the ergonomic handle makes it easier to handle smaller dogs such as yorkies, pomeranians, poodles, etc.


2. Pet Life "pour" Protection Leash Holder Pet Umbrella

This easy-to-store option collapses into a two-inch diameter umbrella, which means you can slip it in your shoe rack, keep it under the bed or store it in your umbrella holder. It features reflective lining all across the border edges and it comes in four different colors—pink, blue, black and orange—so you can stand out or be as incognito as you want.


3. Perfect Life Ideas Pet Dog Umbrella With Leash

Another great pick for the smaller doggos, this umbrella is also made with waterproof transparent plastic material, which allows them to see where they're going, while fully protected as well.


4. K&l Pet Dog Leash Umbrella With C-shaped Handle Small Dogs

The best part about this umbrella is the fact that it comes with a C-shaped handle, which means you can easily slip your arm through and put your hands in your pockets on those chilly days. It also comes with an adjustable shaft, which allows you to angle the umbrella so your BFF is fully covered.

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