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7 Dog Breeds You’re Probably Mispronouncing

We claim dogs are our best friends, but we’d never call any of our human friends by the wrong name, right? Right, which is why we’re studying up on some tough-to-pronounce dog breeds in hopes that we’ll never insult little Scruffy’s ancestral roots again.

The wrong way: way-mar-ann-er
The right way: vahy-muh-rah-ner
The vahy is more in line with the traditional German pronunciation, but you could also get away with “why-muh-rah-ner.”

The wrong way: pap-ill-on
The right way: pap-ee-yawn
FYI, papillon means “butterfly” in French. (Aww.)

The wrong way: viz-sluh
The right way: veesh-la
Like, “veesh, these humans are still pronouncing our breed wrong?” 

The wrong way: dash-hund
The right way: dahks-und
Even though they do love to dash.

The wrong way: new-found-land
The right way: new-fun-land
You know, because they’re so fun.

Shih Tzu
The wrong way: sh*ts-ew
The right way: she-dzoo
Did anyone else love pronouncing this the wrong way as a kid?

Bichon Frise
The wrong way: bich-on freeze
The right way: bee-shawn free-zay
A bougie name for a bougie pup. 

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