Parental SOS: New Fingerlings Toys Are Coming Soon

Remember the kinda cool (and sorta creepy) little finger-gripping monkey toys that sold out of stores nationwide this past holiday season?

Well, they’re baaaaaaack. This time, toy maker WowWee’s Fingerlings are hatching in dinosaur form to the delighted shrieks of tiny tots everywhere.

The new collection, called Untamed, features four raptors named Stealth, Blaze, Fury and Razor and will be released in the U.K., Canada and Australia this week. Don’t tell the kiddos, but we in the U.S. will have to wait ’til May to get our hands on the $15 viral toys, which means we still get a couple more months of peace and quiet before the mad dash to buy them begins.

Oh, and just like their predecessors, these dinos can burp and fart.