14 Danish Girl Names That Are Just Too Cute

The problem: You want a baby name that’s unique, sweet and chic all at the same time. The fix: Look to our Danish friends for inspiration. Here, 14 danish girl names that are as cool as the country itself. Selv tak (that’s "you’re welcome" in Danish).

16 Swedish Baby Names That Are the Absolute Cutest

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1. Lisbet

So much more unique than Elizabeth.

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2. Astrid

Sweet and just a little bit edgy.

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3. Stina

Means “pure.”

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4. Ebba

This pretty one is a Scandi favorite.

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5. Kirsten

Named after your favorite American Girl doll.

Which American Girl Doll Are You?

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6. Maja

Pronounced MA-ya. And it’s also totally adorable.

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7. Nilsa

Means “defender” or “champion,” so she’ll probably rule the playground.

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8. Saffi

A fun variation of Sophia.

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9. Freja

Means “lady.” Aka pretty perfect for your little one. (The “J” is pronounced “Y.”)


10. Britta

Meaning “strength.” It’s no wonder she’s already got a strong grip.


11. Margrethe

The name of the current Queen of Denmark. (So you know, no pressure.)

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12. Caja

Means “to be full of joy.” Aww.


13. Solvej

Said SOUL-vay, it means “a woman with the strength of the sun.” Who run the world?


14. Eva