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Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or 15th, finding ways to reinvent the romance—and toast a spark that often gets back-burnered behind work, kids and, let’s face it, Instagram scrolling—can be hard. That’s why we pulled together 15 itineraries to help make every anniversary feel special.

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anniversary ideas 1

1. You can’t go wrong with a couple’s massage. Cucumber eye masks included.

2. Or an Airbnb booked for one night only in the city you live. Don’t forget to negotiate the rate.

3. Recreate your first date. Down to the outfit you wore and dive bar where you got tipsy.

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anniversary ideas 2

4. Send a bouquet of flowers to the person who set you up. Awww.

5. Or take a class together where you learn a new skill. Think wine and cheese 101.

6. Pick a memento from every year you’ve been together and put it in a box you open together. Like the ticket stub from the Billy Joel concert in 2007 or the hospital bracelet from when you had the baby in 2008.

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7. Do brunch instead of dinner. Mimosas. Yesss.

8. Write each other a love letter. Then, sign, seal and deliver to each other on your anniversary next year.

9. Get out of town—even if it’s just for a road trip. Then up the ante by turning off your cell phones. (But only after you successfully get there with your GPS.)

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10. Go out to a fancy dinner, but meet each other at the restaurant. Sharing a bathroom to get ready can be a romance buzzkill.

11. Interview each other over candlelight to determine your love language. Knowledge—even ten years into your relationship—is power.

12. Book an anniversary photo shoot à la your engagement pics. OK, so maybe you want to save this one for a milestone year.

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13. If you met online, write yourselves new profiles that reflect the people you are now. Then compare them with what you wrote back in '09. (Beach walks? Really?)

14. Treat yourself to a double feature at the movies. And splurge on all the snacks.

anniversary ideas 6

15. Or plan a romantic evening in on your couch. The hell with creativity. Netflix + wine wins every time.

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