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Your little ones are getting so big (cue the tears and the anti-aging cosmetics). So why not think that way for their next birthday? Here, seven venue ideas that are fresh out of the box.

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kids birthday trampoline

The Sky

Backyard bouncy castles are sweet. But with the proliferation of indoor trampoline parks, rock-climbing venues and bounce house emporiums, it’s time to raise the bar for jumping.

kids birthday petting zoo

A farm—in your own backyard

Love Zootopia? Bring it home. Traveling zoos are the latest trend in birthday fanfare. Why go to the bunnies or goats or lizards when an ark’s worth of creatures can come to you?

kids birthday pizza

A chef’s kitchen

In our day, pizza and cake made it a party. These days, at state-of-the-art cooking facilities, kids make the pizza with professional chefs. (And best of all: Somebody else cleans the whole thing up.)

kids birthday frozen

Arendelle or Gotham City

Want to add a special human touch to your Frozen or Batman extravaganza? You don’t need to go to Disney or Comic-Con to bring a real live princess or superhero home. Plenty of stellar companies provide talent to travel. (Sure makes that face-painting clown who came to your basement when you turned seven seem old-school.)

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kids birthdat trapeze
Tatyana Chernyak/Getty Images

Trapeze School

For a party that’s fly—for kids as young as five—book a group session at trapeze school. This one has locations in NYC, D.C., L.A. and Chicago.

kids birthday nails
newnow/Getty Images

The Beauty Salon

Manis, pedis and make-your-own lipgloss parties? Sign us—and 12 of our BFFs—right up.

kids birthday planetarium

Outer Space

For your budding astronaut, book an out-of-this-world event at your local planetarium. And don’t scrimp on the freeze-dried ice cream, OK?

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