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Calling All Babies Who Will Only Sleep in Moving Vehicles: This Cot Simulates the Experience

Big news for parents with newborns who are only able to nod off in the car: Ford just announced a cot that simulates the sleep-inducing effects of a nighttime drive.

Yep, the crib—called the Max Motor Dreams—actually mimics the motion, engine noise, even the street lighting of those late night car rides that instantly (and miraculously) lull your baby to sleep. The main difference? You can accomplish sleep goals in the comfort of your own home versus driving up and down the block.

In fact, the cot even looks like a regular bed, but one you operate using a smartphone app. There is one caveat: Right now, the cot is a one-off design, but the response has been so positive, Ford is considering producing it en masse.

Just think what you could do without all those late nights tooling around town? In a nutshell, catch up on sleep.

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