The Coolest Kids’ Kitchens (That You’ll Secretly Want to Play With Too)

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After watching you flip pancakes, roast a chicken Ina-style or simply pour coffee straight out of the Keurig, if that’s as close as you get to cooking, your kid is inevitably going to want their own space to do the same. There are tons of kids’ kitchens, many made out of either bulky plastic or flimsy particleboard and involving no less than three hours and a dozen curse words to assemble. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We scoped out the models on the market right now, chatted with moms across the country and cross-checked reviews online to bring you what we deem the absolute coolest kids’ kitchens you can find. Just don’t be surprised if you’re more obsessed with them than your children are (give them time).

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1. The Kitchen For Aspiring Kidfluencers

Think hands-and-pans cooking videos are so 2017? Maybe not to your kids, who stop you mid-scroll every time they see one. This kitchen, designed by Tasty Jr. and Little Tikes, lets them live out their cooking video dreams: It features an adjustable arm you can stick your cell phone to, using it to record their homemade concoctions. But wait, that’s not all: The set also adjusts to a taller height to grow with your kids, and it comes with 40 accessories and Blue Apron–style “recipe cards,” so they can make their own cupcakes, pizzas and burgers.

2. The Perfect Little Kitchen For A Small Space

If you’re looking for something streamlined that won’t take up too much space (it’s less than 29 inches wide) and also happens to fit in with your Scandinavian decor, IKEA’s Duktig play kitchen is the way to go. The sink is detachable for easy cleanup—in case your kid’s “cooking” gets a little too real—and the stove top’s burners light up, adding a realistic touch to playtime.

3. The Play Kitchen You’ll Wish Were Your Real One

You may not have the five-figure budget to overhaul your actual kitchen, but you can bring your Pinterest dreams to life with Urban Adventures’ gray-and-gold kitchen set. The farmhouse sink! The matte-gold fixtures! The faux smart fridge! Your kids may not care about the aesthetics (but if they do, it’s available in four color options), but they’ll get into opening and closing the double-door fridge, “baking” things in the oven and using the ice machine.

4. The Trendy All-white Kids’ Kitchen That’s Anything But Bland

Melissa & Doug already make some of your favorite wooden kids’ toys (and, as we’ve learned, they tend to retain their value well). This kitchen is no exception. It has a working faux-ice dispenser, a spinning plate in the microwave to ensure that plastic food is evenly pretend-cooked and turning dials. Parents love it because it’s roomy enough for two kids to play at once, (somewhat) reducing the chance of fighting over who gets to play in this all-in-one space.

5. The Farmhouse-style Kitchen They’ll Play With All Day

OK, not only does this kids’ kitchen have some seriously nice aesthetics, but it’s got all the bells and whistles a child could want: burners that light up and make cooking noises, a chalkboard for writing out the day’s menu, a shelf garden for growing fresh vegetables, yet another working faux-ice [[?]] maker (clearly, this is a priority for the 6-and-under set). More than 800 reviews rave about KidKraft’s sturdiness and durability too.

6. The Corner Kitchen That’s Perfect For Playdates

Your children’s stuff has already taken over your house—might as well designate a corner just for their culinary adventures. KidKraft’s Ultimate Corner Kitchen is big enough to accommodate all of your child’s friends, giving them the counter space your adult self could only dream of. Like KidKraft’s farmhouse kitchen above, it has light-up burners that make cooking sounds and—yes—a working ice machine. This kitchen one-ups the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and stove setup with a laundry machine too. Now if only that one really worked…

7. The Luxe Retro Kitchen

If you love Smeg fridges and toasters, you’ll go crazy for Pottery Barn Kids’ Retro Kitchen Collection. You can buy each piece individually, or get the whole set for $605—more of an investment than the other styles, for sure, but it’s Greenguard gold certified (meaning it meets or exceeds chemical emissions standards), and it’s made out of a sturdy wood-and-metal combo, so it’ll still be in good hand-me-down condition, even if your eldest is an aspiring Gordon Ramsay. The shelves are adjustable, there’s a ticking timer—what more could you want? An ice maker?! (Well, you’ve got us there.)