This Is the Most Popular Baby Bottle of All Time

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Before we had kids, we thought a baby bottle was a baby bottle and that was that. Then when we gave birth, we swore we’d be one of those moms who only breastfed, so the type of bottle we bought didn’t really matter—it would just be for emergencies. Now, we know it’s not that simple.

The CDC reports that while eight in ten new mothers begin breastfeeding from birth, only about six in ten are still doing so at 6 months and that number trails off the older the child gets. Which means there’s a whole bunch of moms out there that rely on bottles for every single feeding—which you know is a lot. But what bottle are they buying?

According to the parents of PureWow (not to mention, over 3,000 reviewers who gave it five stars on Amazon), it's comotomo’s 8-Ounce Baby Bottles. For starters, they’re actually made to mimic the shape and feel of a real breast. The naturally domed soft, silicone nipple and skin-like squishy bottle help transition babies from nursing to bottle-feeding, because it feels most like the real thing. It also proves to be extremely comforting to babies who never took to breastfeeding or who skew opposite with bottle rejection—they still get the feeling of a breast without the stress of forcing it.

Then there’s the fact that it’s extremely easy to clean, because how annoying is it to try to stuff a sponge into a narrow neck bottle? The opening on comotomo’s is super wide, making it a breeze to suds up by hand. They’re also resistant to heat, so you can toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher (as well as the microwave, sterilizers and boiling water if that’s more your speed).

The bottle also grows with your baby, thanks to the four-stage replacement nipples that come separately and help transition the bottle from birth to 24 months.

One mom, Ana, swears by this bottle for all these reasons, saying, “I love comotomo’s bottles, because they are easy to clean and hold, and a wide variety of babies seem to take the nipple shape. The bottle itself also vents really well so there aren’t any air bubbles in the milk.”

We’ve never used another baby bottle like it, simply because there aren’t any that compete. Whether you need to settle a fussy baby or just want a bottle that they can use for the next two years, comotomo’s is a total game-changer.