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This New App Knows How Much ‘Paw Patrol’ Your Kid Is Watching

She knows the title sequence of Daniel Tiger by heart, has every television-streaming app available and can unlock your iPad in less time than it takes to say, "Hey, put that down." Maybe it’s time you started monitoring her small-screen intake. Enter: Circle

Here’s how it works: Circle comes with a downloadable app and a small white box (sort of like the Amazon Alexa—which it can also sync with, FYI) and connects all of your devices through your home Wi-Fi. From your phone, you can set limits on each device for individual apps, the Internet and even time spent online overall. You can also establish bedtimes for devices (aka no more late-night Peppa Pig after she’s tucked in).

But what if Mommy wants to use the Hulu app past 8 p.m.? Totally fine. Just create different family profiles to specify which devices are cleared to watch Handmaid’s Tale after dark and which aren't. 

How much will it set me back? Circle costs $90...but can you really put a price on Teletubbies-free nap time? 

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