Chuck E. Cheese Is Planning a Special Halloween Party for Kids with Sensory Sensitivities

If your kid is on the spectrum, trick-or-treating may be a tall order. Between the crowds, the sounds and the festive lights, your child may get overwhelmed after just a few houses. So, if you’re looking for an alternative, add Chuck E. Cheese’s sensory-friendly Halloween party to your spooky season calendar.

On Sunday, October 31, Chuck E. Cheese locations will open two hours early for Sensory Sensitive Sunday, a time where kids on the spectrum can enjoy the facilities with dimmed lighting, smaller crowds and low music. Sensory Sensitive Sundays usually happen on the first Sunday of every month, but the chain made a special date just for Halloween. Kids can come (in costume, of course) to experience the games and activities minus the sensory triggers, plus to enjoy plenty of sugar-free candy.

If you want to start the fun even earlier than Halloween, head to Chuck E. Cheese on October 29 or 30 at 7 pm instead for the Halloween Boo-Tacular. Arrive in your spookiest threads for ten free play points to use at the arcade (and for a chance to win more prizes in the costume contest).

In case you're wondering about Chuck E. Cheese's COVID precautions, the chain has taken many steps to prioritize the safety of their employees and guests alike. Face coverings (as well as health screenings) are required for staff and strongly encouraged for guests. Hand sanitizing stations can be found at each location, and stores undergo regular sanitizing. Stores are also equipped with MERV-10 air filtration systems and no-touch payment capabilities.

If that seems like a lot sensory-wise for your kid or if you'd prefer not to attend an in-person event at the moment, you can opt for the Boo-Tacular Family Fun Pack instead, which includes two large one-topping pizzas, a slime cookie, an activity sheet and a goody bag filled with toys and activities to enjoy at home.

Visit the Chuck E. Cheese website to find out if your local restaurant is participating in the festivities and for location-specific details.

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