These Are the Chores Your Kids Should Do, by Age Group

Not only do chores help kids learn responsibility and give parents some help around the house, but they’ve also been shown to make children happier and more successful. But how do you know which chores are appropriate for your six-year-old? And is it too ambitious to ask your two-year-old to feed the cat? (Answer: No.) Enter this handy to-do list.

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Ages 2 To 3

  • Pick up their toys
  • Take dirty laundry to laundry basket
  • Help fill pet’s food bowl with food
  • Clean up spills (with parent’s help)
  • Help make bed (at least pull the covers up)
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Ages 4 To 5

  • Separate white from dark laundry (and match socks after clothing is washed)
  • Dust surfaces
  • Water plants
  • Sweep floor with small broom
  • Help to set and clear the table
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Ages 6 To 7

  • Make their bed
  • Help make packed lunch
  • Fold laundry
  • Vacuum rooms
  • Unload dishwasher (giving items that they can’t reach to a parent)
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Ages 8 To 9

  • Load dishwasher
  • Rake leaves
  • Put laundry away
  • Put groceries away
  • Take trash cans to the curb
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Ages 10 To 12

  • Mop floors
  • Cook simple meals with supervision
  • Strip and change bedsheets
  • Wash and clean the car
  • Clean toilets

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Ages 13 And Up

  • Wash basic laundry
  • Make dinner alone
  • Iron clothes
  • Wash first-floor windows
  • Start the dishwasher

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