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Open shelving plus kiddos just seems like a bad idea. (Imagine the grabby little hands pawing at your stemware...or the piles of sippy cups now exposed to judgmental eyes.) 

Not so, say Chip and Joanna Gaines. We recently linked up with the design duo (to celebrate their gorgeous Kilz paint collab) and, spoiler: They were quick to debunk open shelving as non-functional for families. “We get feedback about 'oh how impractical that is!'" said Chip, “but for us, it really is exactly the opposite. It’s actually extremely practical ’cuz it’s so easy to get in and out of.”

The two say that of course you should hide plastic eyesores in lower cabinets, but for the essentials, it makes for quick and easy access to everything you need. “I love the grab-and-go concept for every day—it’s so functional and so easy,” Jo said. And as for the secret to styling them? “Just keep it clean and simple—it’s not like you need an amazing collection of dishware.”

OK, we hear ya. But what about all that extra kitchen junk that accumulates? “We’ve got catchall drawers like everybody else does,” says Chip. (Lolz.) HGTV power couples: They’re just like us. 

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