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How to Learn from the School That Replaced Detention with Meditation

Flashback to childhood for a second when you accidentally passed a note to your BFF during a test and the teacher saw. The punishment? Detention, of course.

But here’s the thing: There really wasn’t much of a takeaway from those 45 minutes holed up in a classroom after school—which is why Robert W. Coleman Elementary decided to try something else. 

Instead of sending misbehaving kids to the principal’s office or detention, they sent them to the Mindful Moment Room, aka a space filled with ambient lighting and plush purple pillows and calming decor. There, kids are encouraged to take a beat and practice deep breathing and meditation to help them relax and re-center. 

The results: Students showed visible signs of emotional de-escalation thanks to guided practices, according to the Holistic Life Foundation. (They’re the ones that helped set up the meditation room at the school.) It was also reported that suspension rates have dropped and attendance has increased as well. 

So, how can you apply this awesome technique at home? Try setting up quiet time together where you can practice breathing exercises like the Alternate Nostril Breath, where kids hold one nostril and breathe in and out through the other, then switch sides. Or you could download a free meditation app for kids like Smiling Mind.

Hey, whatever keeps them from scaling the bookshelf.

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