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You wish you could take your mom out to brunch and shower her with flowers, but the fates have decided to make together time too difficult to coordinate this year. That doesn’t mean Mother’s Day can’t be as special as ever. Here are six ways to show your mama some love, even if you can’t spend the day by her side.

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mothers day skype date
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Have a Skype Date
This one seems pretty obvious, but actually seeing your face is so much nicer for your mom than just getting a phone call. You can even make it a digital lunch date complete with matching PB&J sandwiches like she used to pack in your lunch for school. 

Cook Her Favorite Recipe
Speaking of food, cooking something she loves to make is a great way to feel like she’s right there at the table with you. Fluffy, delicious biscuits, anyone?

mothers day read

Finally Take Her Advice
She’s been nagging encouraging you for years to clean out your hall closet and toss organize all the junk that’s in there. No, it’s not the same as giving her a brand-new oven, but we’re willing to bet she’ll appreciate you finally getting down to it all the same.

Pick Up Her Most Loved Book
She might have an advanced degree in legal studies, but that doesn’t mean she’s above reading Bridget Jones’s Diary over and over again. Give her most beloved book another read, making note of all the best parts that make her smile.

mothers day hike

Give Her Favorite Activity a Try
If she loves hiking through the hills, go for a walk around the block. If she loves spending the day in the garden, pay a visit to your local park. Even if your preferred version of her routine is only peripheral to the actual activity, do something she would love to do with you.

Spend the Day with Other Women Who Have Inspired You
Yes, you wish you could be with your mom, but why not give some love to the ladies you can actually see who have helped you become the best version of yourself? They may or may not be parents themselves, but they’ve given you support and advice…and the occasional reminder not to go out dressed “like that.”

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