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Is It OK for My Dog to Swim in the Pool?

Sure, Bruiser is technically a canine, but at her heart, she’s 100 percent mermaid. Before you can even blow up a water wing, she’s diving in the deep end. But is it actually OK for her to be in chlorinated water? The answer? Totally, but with a couple precautions.

Watch out for too much chlorine contact. Treat a swimming pup as you would a swimming child—supervise, pull ’em out when it’s been too long and, most importantly, make sure they aren’t drinking the pool water. Too much chlorinated water can make humans and pups sick. So it’s smart to do some training before you give them free range to their own personal giant water bowl.

But don’t freak out over the chlorine. The good thing about chlorinated water is that it kills germs—meaning you don't run the same risk of infection as when your pup jumps in a pool of standing water, or even a lake. 

Wash and dry them off after swimming. Hose your pup down with freshwater post-swim to prevent itchiness from chlorine residue and towel dry her ears (to prevent infection from dampness), just like you would after a bath. 

And maybe up the pool boy’s hours. That is, if you actually have a pool boy. If not, be prepared to amp up your maintenance efforts accordingly. Pups, especially furry ones, can be taxing on your pool’s filter and general cleanliness. Awww, but look how happy she is doggie paddling in the deep end. Anything for woman’s best friend.

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