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You laughed, you cried, you flashed the mailman…and that was all before 10 a.m. Breastfeeding ain’t easy. But it can be easier with a little help from the following nine items.

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breastfeed tank

A Nursing Tank

Quality nursing tanks are essential for layering and also for lounging around the house when you’re feeding on demand every 45 minutes. Make sure to pick up ones that are long enough to cover your stomach and thick enough to cover those beaming headlights.

Target ($20) 

breastfeed bra

Pumping/Nursing Bra Combo

Strapless pumping bras are great and all, until you realize that you don’t exactly wear a lot of strapless clothing when you’re home with a newborn. Go with a pumping/nursing bra combo so you don’t have to shed or put on another bra to get the job done. 

BeliBea Nourish Nursing and Hands-free Pump Bra ($50) 

breastfeed crema

Nipple Cream

The struggle is real, ya’ll. Most ladies can get by with over-the-counter options, but don’t be afraid to call your OBGYN to get a prescription for the heavy-duty stuff should you find yourself in serious pain or discomfort. 

Motherlove Nipple Cream Organic Salve ($11)

breastfeed gelpads

Nipple Cooling Gel Pads

Speaking of your cracked and burning nipples, you’re going to want to apply these super-soothing pads in between nursing sessions to keep irritation at bay.

Lansinoh Soothies ($4) 

breastfeed pads

Nursing Pads

Let’s talk about leakage. Namely, how you don’t want milky stains on the front of your blouse to ruin your first excursion outside the house.

Bamboobies Nursing Pads ($25) 

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breastfeed pillow

A Support Pillow

If you’ve got to be stuck on the sofa for three months straight, you might as well be comfortable. These support pillows get your newborn in an optimal position for nursing and double as a neck pillow when you pass out after baby does. 

Boppy ($40) 

breastfeed chair
Pottery Barn

A Comfy Rocker

We realize that these can be pricy, but if you’re going to invest in one item for your nursery, this might be it. Comfort plus rocking plus style? We’re sold. 

Pottery Barn (prices vary) 

breastfeed blanket
Milk Snob

A Multi-Functioning Nursing Cover

“Nursing in public is so easy!” said no woman ever.

Milk Snob ($36)

breastefeed pump

An Old-School Pump

Yes, we see your fancy hospital-grade pump that you (hopefully) got through your insurance company. But there is always a need for the old-school version. Whether it’s your first-dinner-and-a-movie date night or you have to go out of town for a quick business trip, sometimes lugging the big pump around just isn’t worth it.

Medela Harmony Breastpump ($41) 

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