The 7 Best Organic Baby Food Options on Amazon, According to Real Moms

In a perfect world, all moms would make their own baby food from scratch. (After all, it’s the only way to truly trust the ingredients that go into it, right?) Enter organic baby food: Whether jarred or in pouch form, it’s the peace of mind busy parents need—and rely on. To take a little work off your shoulders, we researched and asked real moms for their picks of the best organic baby food options on Amazon. 

But First, Are There Actual Benefits To Organic Baby Food?

It’s true: The American Academy of Pediatrics confirms that, while there’s no direct evidence that consuming an organic diet is better for baby, the lower pesticide levels could turn out to be significant for children long-term, according to a recent report.

Specifically, it’s the fact that organically raised animals are less likely to be contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria since organic farming laws ban the use of antibiotics unless they’re for therapeutic needs.

Currently, there isn’t any long term-research that proves the risks, but the fact that organic baby foods are grown or processed without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides limits your baby’s exposure to them. It’s worth noting that even when farmers decide to spray pesticides, any residue left on produce, for example, never exceed government safety thresholds. But knowledge is power—and a lot of parents preferred to make an informed decision when it comes to what their child consumes.

As for nutritional value—and according to the AAP—organic and non-organic foods are the same. (The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, lipids and other nutrients are consistent between regular and organic foods, not to mention they can be attained for a fraction of the cost.)

Other things that parents love about it include the fact that organic baby food contains no genetically modified ingredients and fewer additives. (For example, things like hydrogenated fat and aspartame are banned by organic standards.) It’s also more environmentally friendly since most organic farmers follow practices that are good for the animals and their overall welfare. (Everything from they give them year-round access to fresh air and the outdoors to they follow farming techniques that promote ecological balance—all good.)

Of course, what matters most is helping your baby (or toddler) set the course toward a more balanced and healthy diet. The following organic baby food options on Amazon are a good place to start.

7 Organic Baby Food Brands That Real Moms Trust

once upon a farm

1. Once Upon A Farm

If this organic baby food brand—founded by Jennifer Garner—isn’t already on your radar, now’s the time to listen up: The brand offers cold-pressed pouches that include a variety of favorite fruits and veggie purees, everything from avocado to strawberries to kale. But that’s not all: As your child ages into them, many of the options offered by Once Upon a Farm are blended with good-for-your-baby-and-toddler ingredients like quinoa, chia seeds and herbs and spices (think rosemary and vanilla) to bolster the nutritional value, but also appeal to your little one’s palette. 

Favorite Blends: Prince of Prunes Cup or Wild Rumpus Avocado

Real Mom Review: “My picky eater isn’t super keen on fruits or veggies in their diet, but from day one, he had no trouble inhaling Once Upon a Farm. Truth: I’ve also been known to sneak a pouch or two from the fridge. They’re that good.”

happy family organics

2. Happy Family Organics

What originally launched as Happy Baby has evolved into Happy Family, a line of organic baby foods committed to addressing the nutritional needs of not just baby, but children, too. Founded by a mother of two, Shazi Visram, this brand relies on age-specific ingredients that support development, but also empower parents to really understand what they’re feeding their kids. Ingredients range from the essential first foods (carrots, blueberries, kale) to vitamins and micronutrients (probiotics, choline and DHA).

Favorite Blends: Bananas, Raspberries & Oats and Apple, Kale and Avocado

Real Mom Review: “The first food my seven-month-old son finally opened his mouth to willingly eat was this—and he finished the whole serving. He would cry and shut his mouth on all other brands, but since this first touched his tongue, meal times are now a breeze.”

earths best baby food

3. Earth’s Best Baby Food

Founded in 1985 by twin brothers Ron and Arnie Koss, Earth's Best sources the ingredients found in their products from fruits handpicked in organic orchards, vegetables grown in nature’s soil, and foods that are made without genetically engineered ingredients. Beginning with Stage 1 options (whether you’re interested in baby cereal or staple introductory foods like sweet potatoes) and going all the way through the toddler phase with options for breakfast, entrées and snacks (say, fruit yogurt smoothies), there is something for every age and stage.

Favorite Blends: First Peas and Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Real Mom Review: “It’s a good basic starter for our baby. One of my daughter’s first foods was the peas and she took to them well. Some of their Stage 1 blends can feel a little on the thicker side, but I just water them down as needed.”

plum organics

4. Plum Organics

You know them for their pouches, you love them for their super puffs. Not only is this baby food brand committed to being organic, but their main focus is simplicity—meaning the ingredients in their products are crystal clear (no decoding required). Options range from stage 1 through 3 puree pouches (think pea, kiwi, pear and avocado) to toddler-approved snacks (it’s hard to resist a pouch filled with mango, pineapple, white bean, butternut squash and oat). 

Favorite Blends: Pear, Purple Carrot and Blueberry and Apple, Raspberry, Spinach and Greek Yogurt

Real Mom Review: “These are the best baby/toddler pouches we use. My two-year-old daughter loves them still. They have no added preservatives or sugar, which is why we have been using them for over a year. The purple carrot is my daughter’s favorite—and a great way for me to sneak extra fruit and vegetables into her diet. 

ellas kitchen

5. Ella’s Kitchen Organic

Cue the variety: The organic baby food blends offered by Ella’s, a brand founded by Ella’s dad Paul Lindley, are both baby- and foodie-approved. After all, where else can you find pouch options that include things like banana baby brekkie and cheesy potatoes with veggies? But that’s not all: From Stage 2 on, a lot of the pouches are meal-focused (versus just a snack) so you can rest assured knowing you’ve found a heartier choice for baby and one that’s good for them, too.

Favorite Blends: Chicken Casserole with Vegetables and Rice and Pears, Peas and Broccoli

Real Mom Review: “Our little man loves these. We only use them sparingly, as he gets mostly fresh food made from scratch, but in a pinch, and when we’re out, these work great.”

6. Gerber Organic

Yes, the brand you grew up on now offers its own line of organic baby food with a range of options including fruit and veggie pouches and jars, yogurt blends and more. They also carry a robust number of choices—there are over 50 options!

Favorite Blends: Carrot, Apple and Mango and Apple, Blueberry and Spinach

Real Mom Review: “I love Gerber Organic pouches. They are a perfect blend and have a good variety of fruit and veggies for baby to try. I also like that they are a little thicker than some of the other brands at the same stage. It gets baby used to heavier foods versus more liquid-like food.” 

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peter rabbit organics

7. Peter Rabbit Organics

A new(ish) arrival to the organic baby food scene, Peter Rabbit Organics is already a parent favorite. Based in Oregon, they serve up a range of fruit and veggie pouches—think banana, mango and orange—without added salt, sugar and water. Still, a favorite feature worth calling out is that pouches don’t need to be refrigerated after opening—great for families on the go.

Favorite Blends: Pear, Carrot and Beet and Strawberry and Banana

Real Mom Review: “I have been purchasing these for my one-and-half-year-old and he loves them, but they have also become so popular with my picky 4-year-old, I have to buy double the amount per month now. They are perfect at home or on the road.”