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Just because you chose to stay home with the kids doesn’t mean you’re not interested in contributing to your family’s bottom line, or using that fancy degree you worked so hard for. Here, six jobs with flexible hours—and flexible office space.

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Tutoring ($15-35/Hour)

If you have expertise in a particular area—say, French or high-school-level math—now’s a good opportunity to put those skills to use. You’ll need to be able to offer consistent blocks of time, but online sites (like Skooli or mean you can work with spit-up yams on your blouse and none of your students will be the wiser. 

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Sales Rep for an Online Beauty Brand (Up to 35% Commission)

We’re sure you’ve seen at least some of your social media pals spreading the word about direct sales beauty start-ups like Ever or BeautyCounter, but the gist is this: After making a small investment up front in the products (i.e.: you should be able to vouch for them), you’re free to set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. Plus, since your pay is commission-based, you’re in direct control of your profits.

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Day Care Provider ($10 to $25/Hour)

Hey, you’ve already made arrangements to stay at home with your kid. If you’ve got the energy, might as well offer up your availability to other moms looking for supervision they can trust. That said, it’s one thing to help out a neighbor, but if you want to open up a full-blown child-care biz, you’ll have to get the proper licenses from your local or state government.

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Dog SITTER ($1,000/MONTH)

OK, so day care isn’t for you. But what about doggy day care? Sites like make it easy to pocket an extra $1K a month simply by keeping an eye on other people’s pups during the day. This might be best for moms with older kids who can pitch in and help with quick trips outside to walk the dog. (Don’t worry, 24/7 support, including vet assistance, comes included when you join.)

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Writer or Editor ($10 to $50/Hour)

The pay for this one varies based on the project—and your experience—but the good news is that writing, editing and proofreading are jobs you can tackle late at night, after your kids go to sleep. Tons of sites post freelance writing gigs (, for example) or you can tap into your local network to make your expertise—and flexible schedule—known.

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Telecommuting Nurse ($50K and up)

Yep, you can put your medical expertise to use away from the office thanks to health insurers (like Aetna) or other companies offering medical services that are looking for nurses that can consult and provide second opinions on diagnoses, patient education and more. Some local travel may be required, but depending on the role, it could be worth it if it means you can keep a foot in the door in your field.

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