The 75 Best Gifts for Dad That He'll Actually Use (and Won't Abandon in the Garage)

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We can all agree that finding the best gifts for dad is nearly impossible, especially for a special occasion like his birthday, when the pressure is really on. (Because there's only so many "World's Greatest Dad" mugs he can fit in the cupboard). Needless to say, picking out something that won’t secretly end up in the garage once it's unwrapped is a real challenge. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the 75 best gifts for dad in 2023—many under $100—all guaranteed to make his day. Even if you have a super strict budget, a MasterClass subscription (starting at just $15 per month) will surely pique his interest. Or if he happens to watch football every Sunday, the Whiskey Peaks Grand Tetons whiskey glasses will come in handy. Maybe he loves his music, so why not upgrade his gear by gifting him some Sony Wireless headphones? Is he a self-professed hot sauce aficionado? Imagine getting him a kit to help him make his own.

In other words, we found books he won’t want to put down, kitchen tools for preparing his next masterpiece, electronic gadgets to enhance his TV watching, art to decorate his at-home office and plenty of yummy things to eat and drink. Keep scrolling for more great ideas for the number one guy in your life.

The Top 5 Best Gifts for Dad That He’ll Actually Use

How We Chose the Best Gifts for Dad That He’ll Actually Use

We chose a wide selection of gifts to cater to every type of dad, from the handy dad to the techie dad, the adventurous and sporty dad to the dad who needs to de-stress and unwind after a long day. There are gifts for the dads who are carnivores, beer drinkers and avid readers.

Each of the items we chose are best-sellers and/or have tons of great ratings from previous buyers. Some are even endorsed by celebrities, popular talk shows, even staff members from PureWow themselves. A few, the author has used and/or owns (or bought for her own husband or dad!)

Gifts were chosen because each one is thoughtful. It shows you listen, care, and observe. These gifts will bring a smile to dad’s face and appreciation that you’re getting him something to foster a hobby or encourage a new one he’d probably love. Naturally, we also took into account cost, quality, and timeliness of delivery in case you’ve waited until the last minute to get your shopping done.

For the Casual Dad

1. Nike Dri-Fit AV84 Trail Running Cap

  • What We Like: casual, wicks away sweat
  • What We Don’t Like: only one size
  • Return Policy: 60 days for Nike members

Nike gear is all the rage right now among Gen-Zers, so let dad show off his trendiness with this casual running cap that he can wear when he’s picking up the kids or grandkids from school. Available in one size with an adjustable back strap, it’s designed for the trail so if dad is an active papa who loves to go for runs, hikes, and participate in other outdoor adventures, this lightweight hat will do as well. The Dri-FIT technology will keep him cool and comfortable by wicking sweat away from his skin, too.

For the Football Dad

2. Baublebar Custom NFL Team Blanket

  • What We Like: every team logo available
  • What We Don’t Like: final sale, made of acrylic
  • Return Policy: final sale

If dad’s a die-hard football fan who cozies up on the couch every Sunday night to catch the game with snacks and beer in hand, he’ll love a fabulous custom team blanket to throw over his legs (or rather off them) when he stands up to cheer for that touchdown. It’ll come in handy for his afternoon couch naps, and he can use it for couch or loveseat décor. It’s hypoallergenic and machine washable, so don’t worry about those nacho cheese spills or dad’s allergies. We’re only showing one team logo version here, but there’s one for every NFL team.

For the Dad Who Entertains

3. The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

  • What We Like: super easy to use, makes a variety of drinks
  • What We Don’t Like: capsules sold separately, can be expensive
  • Return Policy: 90-day money-back guarantee

This machine brings a whole new meaning to the idea of coming over for a drink. Rather than crack open a beer or pour a simple glass of wine or whisky on the rocks for his guests (or himself after a long day), dad can whip up some serious cocktails. Add your own spirits and water, insert a Bartesian capsule of the desired drink mix with bitters, extracts and juice concentrates, then let the machine do all the hard work. Pour, serve, and cheers! Don’t forget to add a variety pack of capsules to get him started.

For the Dad Who Gets His Hands Dirty

4. Air & Anchor Down and Dirty Shop Apron

  • What We Like: durable, stylish denim look, two color options
  • What We Don’t Like: can only be spot cleaned
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

OK, we’ll admit this gift will actually end up in the garage. But that’s because it’s meant to be there. Aprons aren’t just for cooking, though dad can totally wear this one when he’s whipping up a batch of his famous chili or smoking a brisket. This one is designed for workshop, studios, and garages while dad builds that birdhouse or tinkers with his motorcycle. Made of waterproof waxed and duck canvas, this isn’t your average apron. It’s about as strong as dad himself.

For the Dad on the Move

5. JBL Charge 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • What We Like: rugged build, long battery life, lots of colors
  • What We Don’t Like: no carabiner clip
  • Return Policy: 30 day returns

Whether he’s listening in his office, on the back deck, by the pool or packing this away to bring to the campsite, on the fishing trip or in the garage, this portable Bluetooth speaker is rugged and waterproof so it can go with him anywhere. With signature JBL sound (think clear vocals and big bass), it even has a built-in power bank so dad can use it to recharge his phone in a pinch. It lasts up to 20 hours, and with PartyBoost, go ahead and grab dad two to enjoy stereo sound, or a bunch for an immersive audio experience.

For the Bearded Dad

6. Philips Norelco Multigroomer Grooming Kit

  • What We Like: rechargeable battery, three beard trimming guards
  • What We Don’t Like: finicky zipper on travel bag
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Dads need grooming, too. If dad has a beard, he’ll appreciate this 13-piece grooming kit that includes all the attachments for tackling his gruffy five o’clock shadow as well as his face, nose, ear hair, and head hair. With a stubble guard, cleaning brush, and even a travel storage bag for bringing it on his next business trip, dad will love the steel blades that sharpen as they work and the rechargeable battery that lasts for up to an hour per charge.

For the Fit Dad

7. Fitbit Charge 5 Activity Tracker

  • What We Like: three colors, long battery life
  • What We Don’t Like: notifications don’t always work
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

The perfect in-between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, the thicker Fitbit Charge 5 is perfect for the dad who wants to keep track of his workouts, daily steps, sports, and other activity, He can keep on top of other health stats like heart rate, sleep, and even stress and ECG; and get notifications from his smartphone. It fits so snugly and comfortably that he’ll forget it’s on while it quietly keeps track of all his health and wellness metrics, which he can view in the intuitive app.

For the Gamer Dad

8. Xbox Game Pass

  • What We Like: different pricing options
  • What We Don’t Like: automatic renewal
  • Return Policy: no refunds, cancel before it auto renews

When dad is ready to unwind after a long day by throwing on a headset and immersing himself in a game of Call of Duty with friends, he’ll appreciate having this Game Pass so he can try out some new games, too. It provides instant access to games as soon as they are released along with the ability to download hundreds of games to play offline. He’ll also get perks and exclusive member discounts, making him the envy of his gaming buds.

For the Strategic Dad

9. Catan Board Game

  • What We Like: up to 4 players, suitable for ages 10+
  • What We Don’t Like: can’t do two-player
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

There’s nothing quite like board game night with the fam-jam, whether it’s a weekly Friday night tradition or a rainy Sunday activity. Catan is one of those games every dad will love, focused on trading, building, and settling. Dad can show off his strategic prowess as he aims to be a cunning developer of resources like grain, wool or lumber. He can channel his inner John Dutton III from Yellowstone or Logan Roy from Succession and show the kids who’s really boss.

For the Handy Dad

10. Husky 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

  • What We Like: sturdy, holds a lot of weight, built-in USB ports
  • What We Don’t Like: work surface isn’t too big
  • Return Policy: 90-day returns

Instead of abandoning this gift in the garage, dad will set it up proudly in there and use it to hold all his tools and other trinkets (like that catch-all tin of nails and screws he swears he’ll need one day). The flat wood top will inspire him to make a birdhouse or finally fix that broken kitchen chair. The nine drawers are all lockable so the kids can’t get inside and touch dangerous tools, and it’s sturdy enough to handle heavy weight and on castors for easily wheeling it around. Sure, it’s easy to assemble but let’s face it, dad doesn’t need the instructions anyway.

For the BBQ Master Dad

11. Mancrates Pit Master Crate

  • What We Like: cool packaging, lots included
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive
  • Return Policy: High-Five Guarantee

Before he’s even done unwrapping, he’ll be halfway to the local butcher shop to grab some sirloin steaks and a full rack of ribs to make the most out of this “manly man’s” gift box for barbecue aficionados. Along with three sauces, ranging from sweet to heat, it comes with tons of tools, from meat claws to smoke cans and a mini cast iron sauce pot. Everything’s in a super-cool wooden crate that dad will love prying open with his tools.

For the Adventurous Cook Dad

12. Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker

  • What We Like: charcoal added automatically, storage rack and tool holder
  • What We Don’t Like: app can be finicky
  • Return Policy: 90-day returns

Forget an egg-shaped smoker that has to constantly fed with more and more charcoal to keep the temperature perfectly regulated. This baby is totally automated, and even has an app! Fill the hopper with lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes, turn up the heat, then dad can sit back and relax with a beer. OK, he still needs to check on it every now and then to sauce, turn, and add his personal touch. Crank it as high as 700° and don’t be surprised if dad starts with simple brisket and beer can chicken and graduates to smoked cheese and homemade pizza pies. Educate him on the reverse searing technique with steaks on this smoker: he’ll thank you for it.

For the Dad Who Loves to Build

13. Uncommon Goods Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

  • What We Like: comes with glue, keeps hands busy
  • What We Don’t Like: radio is small
  • Return Policy: no time limit on returns

Back in his day, dad would take apart his electronic toys, figure out how they worked, and put them back together again. Sound like yours? Get him this kit for making a working speaker. He can harken back to his days as a kid, following the instructions (or not) to get it in full working order. Once it’s ready, there’s an FM tuner, USB and aux cable ports, and Bluetooth technology for connecting to his phone or other mobile device.

For the Whimsical Dad

14. Le Puzz Field Day Puzzle

  • What We Like: brings joy, keeps him sharp, sustainable sources
  • What We Don’t Like: relatively small
  • Return Policy: 14 days with approval, restocking fee, customer responsible for return shipping costs

Once dad puts this puzzle together, he’ll want to frame it, place it on the wall in his home office, and stare it at for hours while pondering the meaning of life. Jokes aside, the whimsical puzzle is eye-catching and playful, appealing to an artsy dad who appreciates abstract figures, shapes, and colors. Eac of the 500 pieces is random cut so no two are the same. It comes with a double-sided fold-out poster and a reusable, resealable bag, all created from materials sources form sustainably managed forests.

For the Fun Dad

15. Uncommon Goods Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

  • What We Like: made of crash-proof carbon fiber, sparks nostalgia
  • What We Don’t Like: flies slowly, only 10-minute fly time per charge
  • Return Policy: no time limit on returns

Who doesn’t love to feel like a kid again? Dad can combine his love of modern technology with his desire for a bit of nostalgia with this paper airplane that can be controlled by a smartphone. Build the plane just like his grandpa taught him. But this time, connect a tiny Bluetooth device to it. Now, download the app and enjoy the 1980s inspired “drone” with 21st Century wireless control. If nothing else, dad will totally get a kick out of his fun, new toy.

For the Bird-Watching Dad

16. Uncommon Goods North American Bird Call Set

  • What We Like: hand-carved, unique
  • What We Don’t Like: only for bird watching dads
  • Return Policy: no limit for returns

Maybe dad loves bird watching, or maybe you think he would love to pick up the hobby. It’s a nice reason to get out of the house after retirement. With this set, which includes three callers made of metal and beech wood, he can call everything from robins to Mallard ducks and Chickadees. If you’re joining him, don’t forget to bring your camera or phone along to snap a pic once one (or a flock) of birds answers the call.

Best Last-Minute Gift

17. Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) Smart Speaker

  • What We Like: super affordable, high-tech speaker
  • What We Don’t Like: very small
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Sure, it looks high-tech, but Commerce Director Nicole Briese has found that once this baby is set up, every dad will be able to use it for random musings ("Alexa, what's the current GDP?"), playing yacht rock on command or even looking up hands-free measurement conversions when they're cooking. This smart speaker has a clock, too, so he'll always be on time. Best of all, you can get this delivered to him by tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime.

For the Dad Who Knows Comfort Is King

18. Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck

  • What We Like: fits true to size, super soft
  • What We Don’t Like: limited sizes
  • Return Policy: 365-day returns

Ethically sourced cashmere is this brand's claim to fame, and all dad needs to do is slip this on to be sold. This all-cashmere sweatshirt is incredibly soft and comes in eight classic hues—and at a price that's crazy affordable. The timeless, lightweight design is ultra-warm, too, so he can comfortably wear this on a cooler night without a jacket.

For the Dad Who Knows Coffee

19. Trade Coffee Gift Subscription

  • What We Like: background details about the coffee included
  • What We Don’t Like: need to know dad’s personal tastes to order accurately
  • Return Policy: First Match Guarantee

He's a man who appreciates a good cup of Joe, so help him discover the wide world of small-batch artisanal roasters with this gift. He answers a few questions about his taste preferences, then gets six bags of coffee delivered on whatever schedule he chooses. He'll enjoy the cream of the crop with selections of more than 450 coffees from more than 55 independent roasters around the country, along with notes on where the beans were harvested and prepped. "Nowhere else offers such a variety of coffees and the experience of knowing where coffee is from, how to brew it and how roasters roast their coffee!" writes one Trade reviewer.

For the Chef

20. Thermoworks Thermapen One

  • What We Like: celebrity endorsement
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Senior Food Editor Katherine Gillen's dad gave her a Thermapen as a gift, which shows his level of respect for this device. "I've never tried a better meat thermometer," she says. "It's so fast to get a reading and I like that it's no frills and easy to clean." After opening this handy gift, your dad will never have to play the “is this meat fully cooked?” game again. It can also be used in baking or candy making, so he can expand his kitchen repertoire with confidence.

For the Worrywart

21. Omron 5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

  • What We Like: stores data in the app, provides alerts
  • What We Don’t Like: non-techie dads might need help using it
  • Return Policy: 14-15 day returns (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

Whether dad is worried about his blood pressure or, let’s face it, you’re worried about it, a blood pressure monitor will save him a trip to the local pharmacy every time he wants a quick check. And he won’t have to wait until his next doctor’s visit. What’s more, it syncs to an app on his phone so he can show doc a history of his readings, which can help determine a course of action if necessary. It’s easy to use and fits snugly and comfortably around the arm.

For the Guy Who Loves a Good Tailgate

22. Yeti Roadie Cooler

  • What We Like: comes in several colors, other sizes
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

“We got my dad one of these because he’s notorious for packing coolers for car trips—even if they’re only an hour long,” explains food editor Katherine Gillen. It’s just big enough to hold some drinks and a few sandwiches without being a pain to lug around. Gillen reports it’s amazing for everything from camping trips to keeping beer chilled during tailgates. The insulation keeps food hot, too, so go ahead and give this to the dad as a high-tech lunchbox.

For the Dad Still Using Wired Headphones

23. Apple Airpods Pro

  • What We Like: pairs perfectly with iPhone, comes with wireless charging case
  • What We Don’t Like: only works with iPhone
  • Return Policy: 15-day returns

We love our dads, but whenever they don their old wired headphones, we have to laugh, which is why this gift is perfect. Editor Steph Meraz says these are a big hit with her pops: "He loves to whip them out when we go on a walk around the neighborhood without me noticing, so when I try to talk to him, it takes me a few minutes to realize that he isn’t responding for a reason. The man wants his alone time…I can’t blame him. It’s a win-win for us both...Just kidding, dad!" Your dad will love how much better his music sounds when he puts these on, and he'll be even more amazed at the noise-canceling feature he can turn on while he's at the gym or walking the dog.

For the Science Nerd

24. TheDadLab: 50 Awesome Science Projects For Parents And Kids by Sergei Urban

  • What We Like: great for bonding with the kids
  • What We Don’t Like: only good for dads with young children
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

TheDadLab YouTube channel became such a hit, creator Sergei Urban put some of his most popular experiments into an easy-to-follow guidebook. Executive editor Candace Davison says it's a winner. "This guidebook is perfect for rainy days and chilly winter afternoons when you're cooped up inside. It's loaded with unexpected ideas, often using things you have around your house," she says. "My daughter and husband like to pick a page at random and tackle it for that day's project...and I appreciate the break!" The step-by-step instructions will guide readers through everything from how to produce electricity to how to defy gravity with a ping pong ball, a mesmerizing feat for the kids (or grandkids).

For the Natural Born Socializer

25. Whiskey Peaks Grand Tetons Whiskey Glasses

  • What We Like: beautifully crafted
  • What We Don’t Like: glasses may have air bubbles
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

If he hosts game nights during football season and loves cooking on the grill for his friends and family during the summertime, he'll be pressed to whip these out any chance he gets. They're made of lead-free handblown glass and feature a cool interior design of iconic mountains. One Huckberry reviewer says her giftee was obsessed: "Gave these as a gift, and the recipient was absolutely ecstatic. The craftsmanship is great. Looks beautiful. He has been showing them off to everyone!

For the Culinary Expert

26. Ooni Karu Pizza Oven

  • What We Like: super-fast, word-of-mouth popular
  • What We Don’t Like: need to find the right spot for it outside
  • Return Policy: 60-day returns

This modern pizza oven has everyone talking, and salivating, over the idea of making their own homemade pizza in one. It operates using wood, charcoal or gas, so he can really hone his back yard baking skills. Food editor Katherine Gillen says "we got my dad the Ooni pizza oven a few years ago and now whenever I visit, he insists on a pizza night. He gets very into the process. I think he uses it once a week, and the pizza is very good." Reaching 950°F in 15 minutes, and delivering stone-baked pizza in 60 seconds, it brings a whole new meaning to the idea of fast food…at home.

For the Dad Who Needs a New Computer

27. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

  • What We Like: super affordable, touchscreen
  • What We Don’t Like: outdated model, limited processing power
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days returns (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

If he’s still using the same Dell laptop you bought him in 2010, it’s time for an upgrade. And according to one PureWow editor, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is even better than an Macbook Air—and it’s way cheaper. According to editor Candace Davison, "though the Galaxy Chromebook 2 isn't new, it's now pretty affordable, and it's just as zippy and relevant as when it launched. My husband likes that it can be folded into a tablet and has a pop-out stylus that can be used to jot down notes." She's also sold on the way it boots up in seconds and is super lightweight.

For the Stressed-Out Guy

28. Hyperice Core Premium Bundle

  • What We Like: thoughtful gift, helps dad relax
  • What We Don’t Like: doesn’t work as a regular speaker
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

PureWow Editor Dana Dickey uses this handheld meditation trainer to hone her breathing and relaxation. "I'd give this to a dad who's looking to increase his focus, since there's a morning regimen that really increases brain oxygen, as well as for someone who could use some deep breathing sessions to chill out before sleep." The accompanying app has scores of meditations, starting with those as short as a few minutes, and it keeps track of session times and biofeedback. For an overworked dad who needs a break, it’s a clever gift that will help him find his zen.

For the Dad Who Loves to Cook

29. Craft Wok

  • What We Like: compatible with gas stoves, spacious inside
  • What We Don’t Like: can’t use on flat electric or induction stovetops
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

If Dad loves to cook, he probably already has a nice cookware set. But one item he might not yet have in his arsenal is a solid wok. Made of hammered carbon steel, this one is the rugged dad’s wok. It has a wooden steel helper hand and spacious 14-inch round bottom for his famous stir fry. (There’s a smaller 12-inch versions as well). It’s even compatible with gas stoves so dad can channel his inner Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

For the Dad with a Bad Back

30. Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

  • What We Like: overheating shut-off protection
  • What We Don’t Like: has to be plugged in
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Help dad melt away those back pains with a neck and back massager he can wrap around him like a comforting blanket than sit back and relax. Made of faux leather, it comes with eight deep Shiatsu kneading massage nodes and three speed intensities. The soothing heat will help further improve blood circulation. Dad will be texting you from home thanking you for months after unboxing this.

For the Comfort Dresser

31. lululemon ABC Pants

  • What We Like: no hemming needed, lots of colors
  • What We Don’t Like: sizes often sold out
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Dabee Kaye, Gallery Media Group's VP of brand partnerships, says her husband lives in these pants. "They're super comfortable and they don't look sloppy so he can wear them out," she says. "He even has backups, just in case." These pants are made in four-ways stretch fabric, and there's extra room in the seat area to make sure nothing binds when a guy sits down. And since dad can get a pair in inseams that range from 28 to 37 inches, there's no hemming required, right off the rack.

For the Dad Who Travels

32. Amazon Basics Packing Travel Cubes

  • What We Like: top panel for ventilation and easy identification
  • What We Don’t Like: all four cubes the same size
  • Return Policy: 30-days return

Dad probably shoves everything he needs in a little carry-on, swearing that checked luggage is for suckers. At least you can help him organize that tiny suitcase by keeping his unmentionables apart from his crisp white button-up shirts. Available in different colors, each has a top mesh panel that will ensure his smelly socks get ample air so he doesn’t keel over when he unpacks back home. Each piece closes with a double zipper making it super simple to pack and unpack.


For the Ted Lasso Fan

33. AFC Richmond Scarf

  • What We Like: perfect for a fan of the show
  • What We Don’t Like: hand wash only
  • Return Policy: 60-day returns

If Dad loves Ted Lasso and can’t wait to watch new episodes as they come out, or has maybe even begun re-watching the seasons, he’ll love this scarf that pays homage to the popular Apple TV+ series. Featuring the signature motto “football is life,” it features the colors and emblem of the team alongside the signature Nike logo. Sure, Afc Richmond is a fictional team. But dad will feel like he’s right there coaching alongside Ted, Coach Beard, and Roy Kent while wearing it.

For the Frequent Flyer

34. The Away Tech Case

  • What We Like: water-resistant
  • What We Don’t Like: only two colors
  • Return Policy: 100-day trial

He'll never forget his earbuds, power cord or extra cable again now that he's got a dedicated nylon case with compartments for all his electronics essentials. Laptop chargers and larger accouterments fit in the lower mesh zippered section, and sturdily sewn elastic loops on the case's top fit smaller cords and accessories. Using this little 6.3 by 4.7-inch case, he'll always be able to find a cord to charge up his phone when he's got a quick layover.

For the Curious Dad

35. MasterClass Subscription

  • What We Like: so much variety
  • What We Don’t Like: requires a subscription
  • Return Policy: cancel before annual auto-renewal

A MasterClass subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. The online education platform will give your pops access to more than a hundred virtual classes and sessions led by industry professionals in various fields, from cooking to meditation. Basically, he can learn a new skill every day. With new classes being added every month, dad will never get bored. Retired, who?

For the Guy Who Loves the Water

36. Retrospec Weekender Sup Board Kit

  • What We Like: five color options, compact
  • What We Don’t Like: best to use an auto pump, sold separately
  • Return Policy: no time limit

PureWow Editor Candace Davison loves using this easily inflatable paddleboard: "The Weekender is relatively easy to stand on and can support up to 275 pounds. I will say that on choppy waters, it’s definitely more of a core workout." She also appreciates that it fits into a backpack to get it from the car to the waves. Your dad will too, whether he's an experienced user or just wants to try a new water sport. Made of ArmorStrength PVC, it can withstand everything from tubular waves to jagged rocks.

For the Dedicated Napper

37. Brooklinen Marlow Pillow

  • What We Like: supportive, adjustable
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive for a set of 2
  • Return Policy: within 365 days

Dad might be an expert at naps yet still have a hard time sleeping at night. Help him improve his quality of sleep with a good, memory foam pillow. With adjustable firmness thanks to the zipper, the cooling-infused foam and breathable mesh, dad will be running to the bedroom for his 20-minute power naps instead of settling for the couch. Plus, it’s vegan and allergy friendly: just give it a quick fluff every day and it’ll become his new favorite.


For the TV Lover

38. Max Subscription

  • What We Like: a Lite option is available
  • What We Don’t Like: need to pay more for 4K, no ads
  • Return Policy: cancel any time before the next billing cycle

Can dad even survive without the latest season of House of the Dragon or Succession? Formerly known as HBO Max, the Max streaming service is changing its pricing tiers, which means dad might be considering downgrading or canceling altogether. If that’s the case, help him keep it going by signing him up for a subscription month-to-month, or pre-pay for the year. There are several options, and the highest tier will give him full 4K access to his fav shows in all their glory.

For the Home Theatergoer

39. Bose TV Speaker Soundbar

  • What We Like: compact size, affordable
  • What We Don’t Like: doesn’t come with a sub
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Inside this compact soundbar, there are two full-range drivers angled to deliver wide, spatial sound and there's a center tweeter specifically focused on clarifying speech. (So everyone will be able to hear better without turning the volume extra loud.) Use it for TV or pair your mobile device using Bluetooth to hear a podcast, music playlist or other audio from your phone or tablet. It’s perfect for dad’s den, games room or “man cave.”

For the Music Lover

40. Sony Wireless Headphones

  • What We Like: wireless design, long battery life
  • What We Don’t Like: might not be comfortable for smaller heads
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

These headphones feature industry-leading digital noise cancellation technology and completely block out distracting background noise. The coolest part? You can control the volume, skip songs or take calls, all with touch-activated technology. Oh, and did we mention that they have a 30-hour battery life? Plus, they’re wireless so just recharge and go.

For the Summer Entertainer

41. Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set

  • What We Like: comes with lots of tools, convenient case
  • What We Don’t Like: might have tools he won’t use
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

These matching tools—spatula, tongs, silicone basting brush and so much more—are going to get admiring comments from the other dads as they all gather around the grill to discuss whether the burgers are, in fact, ready to eat. The set comes with 20 tools in all, packed in a convenient case so he can whip this out when it’s burger time. He doesn’t need to tell anyone, however, about the included digital temperature fork that will secretly tell him when the meat is done.

For the Dog Dad

42. Onebttl Travel Mug

  • What We Like: comes with a gift box, keeps drinks cold, too
  • What We Don’t Like: only one color
  • Return Policy: 30 day returns

Dog dads need love, too, and they can profess their love for their furry friends with this adorable stainless-steel tumbler. The travel mug can hold up to 30 oz. of liquid, whether it’s coffee, tea, iced latte, or even some water for the pup. Yep, it keeps drinks both hot and cold. Each one has a cute “dog dad” statement on the front. With the included gift box, you can slap on a bow, add a card, and go.

For the Techie

43. Apple Watch Series 8

  • What We Like: tons of features, perfectly complements Apple iPhone
  • What We Don’t Like: limited to only iPhone owners
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

He’s been eyeing the latest Apple Watch ever since it launched but would never spring for one for himself. That’s where you come in. Gift him the newest version, which boasts an always-on retina display, sleep tracking and advanced workout metrics. He can engage in a mindfulness session, pay for items using Apple Wallet, and get all his relevant app and call notifications right on his wrist. He can even talk in it just like the spy from his fave show.

For the Dad with a Man Cave

44. Galanz Retro Mini Fridge

  • What We Like: freestanding design
  • What We Don’t Like: no freezer section
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

What’s better than an iced cold beer while you’re watching the game or playing video games? An ice-cold beer that you don’t have to get up from the couch to get! Surprise dad with this mini fridge that isn’t just convenient, it’s also a really cool retro design he’ll love. With 3.5 cubic feet of space, it can hold beer, soda, juice boxes, bottled water, wine and more, keeping it all sufficiently cool. Why not toss in some dip and veggie sticks, too? Mom will finally stop getting upset at dad for taking up all the space in the fridge.

For the Dad Who Has Everything

45. The Ridge Cash Strap

  • What We Like: thin, convenient
  • What We Don’t Like: can’t hold a ton
  • Return Policy: case-by-case basis

He’s not one to accumulate stuff, which means he refuses to carry around a big, bulky wallet. Convince dad to toss the rubber band that’s holding his cash together and replace it with this sleek alternative. The slim metal card case can hold up to 12 cards and has an external elastic strap to hold cash or his keys.

For the Dad Who Takes His TV Time Seriously

46. Roku Streambar Player

  • What We Like: affordable, supports 4K streaming
  • What We Don’t Like: wireless speakers needed for more immersive surround
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

This impressive streaming device from Roku has a fast, easy-to-use interface, Dolby Audio sound quality and a razor-sharp image quality. It comes with a remote or he can use the Roku app. He can load up all his favorite streaming services, apps, and accounts, and watch tons of free content on the Roku Channel as well. It instantly turns any TV into a smart one.

For the Dad Who Runs

47. Merrell Men’s Nova 3 Running Shoes

  • What We Like: multiple color options, understated look
  • What We Don’t Like: limited size availability
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Maybe Dad is into trail running every morning to get his day started right, or just needs something comfortable to support his always seemingly aching feet. Whatever the case, these shoes provide a nice balance of style, comfort, and performance. As a best-selling option from the brand, the soft and responsive midsole with FloatPro Foam pods under the heel and forefoot will make him feel like he’s truly walking on air.

For the Hiking Lover

48. Hydroflask Day Escape Cooler Pack

  • What We Like: soft-sided design, holds plenty
  • What We Don’t Like: somewhat heavy, expensive
  • Return Policy: 30 day returns

This ingeniously designed backpack keeps contents cold for up to 36 hours. You just fill the watertight pouch with ice, toss in up to 36 12-ounce drinks and away you go. (Plus, there are attachable dry-pack add-ons for all the other snacks he'll want to carry.) If dad is prepping for his next outdoor adventure, he’ll love bringing this along.

For the Forgetful Dad

49. The Dad Hoodie

  • What We Like: tons of pockets, stretchy
  • What We Don’t Like: fleece might be too hot
  • Return Policy: unworn, new condition

He'll appreciate this gift whether he constantly misplaces things or just loves a nice hoodie. It takes the classic design to another level, featuring a breathable mesh lining with six stretchable internal pockets to store everything from his glasses to a water bottle and wallet. Chosen by TODAY Show as one of the number-one gifts for dads, it brings a whole new meaning to the term “hidden pockets.”

For the Day Tripping Dad

50. Trek Large Duffle Bag

  • What We Like: ultra-durable, lots of pockets
  • What We Don’t Like: only comes in black
  • Return Policy: 45-day returns

Dad will love this day tripping bag that is easy to carry by hand when it’s light or wheel around when he has it filled with goodies for the boy’s weekend. The reinforced side and bottoms protect it from wear and tear while the extra pockets can hold his keys, phone and wallet. Instead of carrying around that ratty bag he’s had forever, he might finally be convinced to throw that eyesore away once he sets eyes on this beauty.

For the Comfort-Seeking Commuter

51. Tracksmith Rapid Transit Pants

  • What We Like: four color options
  • What We Don’t Like: pleated front not for everyone
  • Return Policy: unworn, unwashed, undamaged

Four-way stretch in a pull-up trouser sounds like sweatpants, but the tailored lines of these trousers make them look way more acceptable for public appearances. Designed for easy movement, they’re perfect for the dad who always wants to look his best and sometimes trades comfort for style to do so. Here, he can have the best of both worlds.

For the Dad Who’s Always Hungry

52. Snack Gift Basket

  • What We Like: so much variety, ready to ship
  • What We Don’t Like: you might want one, too!
  • Return Policy: 15 day returns on non-perishable items for store credit minus shipping and handling

If “I could go for a snack” are six words you often hear Dad say, he’ll love this ample gift basket that has a bit of everything to satisfy every craving. Whether he wants sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, or a mix, he’ll find it in this overflowing snack lover’s dream basket. From kettle corn to candies, cookies to crackers, sausages to cheese, he’ll devour it all in no time. And maybe if he’s feeling nice, he’ll share, too.

For the Nostalgic Guy

53. BlockSetc Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

  • What We Like: customized, unique gift
  • What We Don’t Like: takes about a week for delivery
  • Return Policy: no returns

PureWow's Director of Audience Development Mary D’Alessio gave her dad one of these cutting boards engraved with his mom’s recipe for chicken paprikash—in her handwriting. He was so moved he cried, so we’d definitely call this gift a winner. Choose between maple and walnut wood, select your size and send the seller a photo of your recipe. He’ll take care of the rest.

For the Couch Potato

54. Couchcoaster

  • What We Like: fits securely
  • What We Don’t Like: mom might not like it on her furniture
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

As the name implies, this weighted drink holder wraps over the arm of your couch for convenient access. Previous buyers say that it’s stable and can withstand a slight knock (just in case he happens to elbow it by mistake while raising his arms to cheer for his team or protest a bogus call). He’ll have his drink literally at arm’s length and you won’t have to worry about pesky drink rings and begging him to use a coaster, already!

For the Gamer

55. Nintendo Switch

  • What We Like: can play anywhere
  • What We Don’t Like: kids might steal it!
  • Return Policy: 90-day returns

Now that this mega-popular handheld gaming console isn't selling out every other day, you can finally get him one. Pair it with a few games, and he’ll be permanently obsessed. The two controllers are removable for multiplayer games if he wants to let the kids get in on the fun, too. Play handheld or plug it into a TV for a big screen experience.

For the Stock Market Enthusiast

56. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

  • What We Like: amazing reviews, affordable, audiobook option
  • What We Don’t Like: heavy with 640 pages
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Um, this book has amassed over 3,000 five-star reviews, so we’d say it’s worth a read for anyone who is interested in investing. First published in 1949, author Benjamin Graham’s wisdom still holds true, and it’s been updated by financial journalist Jason Zweig to speak to today’s market. Plus, you can get it for a steal right now.

For the Oktoberfest Regular

57. Spiegelau Ipa Glass

  • What We Like: dishwasher-safe, wide opening for the nose
  • What We Don’t Like: sold in singles
  • Return Policy: 90 day returns

German glassware company Spiegelau makes fancy beer glasses shaped to improve the drinking experience of different types of beers, like IPA, lager or pilsner. Tell dad to leave the cans and bottles for the basic pops and pour one out into this elegant glass so he can enjoy like the refined dad he is.

For the Basketball Dad

58. Nike Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

  • What We Like: durable bottom panel
  • What We Don’t Like: only two colors
  • Return Policy: 60-day returns for Nike Members

If dad loves to blow off steam by shooting hoops, maybe even plays in a league, he’ll love this backpack that’s designed specifically for his b-ball gear (though he could totally use it for whatever he wanted). It opens like a duffle bag when laid flat and has dedicated compartments for everything from his basketball to his headband, water bottle – there’s even a spot for his laptop, charger, and ventilated pocket for his dirty, smelly socks after the game.

For the Dad Who Can’t Sleep

59. Yogasleep Dohm Classic

  • What We Like: comes with a travel case, has a carry loop
  • What We Don’t Like: has to be plugged in
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

Is dad always going on about how he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since the Detriot Lions won an NFL playoff game? If so, he could do with some help. This handy device delivers comforting white noise both at home and on the go (yes, it comes with a travel case). There are two speeds options and he can adjust the tone to his liking. It’s a good option for relief of tinnitus if he suffers from that, too.

For the Dad Who Tracks His Steps

60. On Running Cloud 5 Sneakers

  • What We Like: comfortable for all-day wear, new colors
  • What We Don’t Like: expensive
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

If he tracks his steps, chances are high that he actually cares about sneaker quality, too. So why not upgrade his current kicks by gifting him this soft, breathable and lightweight pair? Buyers rave that they're comfy enough to wear all day long (while also obsessing over the sleek design). Basically, he'll never want to take them off.

For the Dad Who Loves to Lounge

61. JCrew Heritage Fleece Sweatpant

  • What We Like: comes in a tall size
  • What We Don’t Like: they fit baggy (size down to compensate)
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

There’s nothing like relaxing around the house on a lazy Sunday, binge-watching TV, reading a good book, or even messing around on his tablet. Whatever his desire, dads who love to lounge need lounge pants so they can quit walking around in their underwear and robe. These fleece sweatpants are warm and fit relaxed so dad can move freely. The best part? They’re cut on a cross grain which is an old-school method to prevent shrinkage.

For the Forgetful Guy

62. Tile Pro Black

  • What We Like: replaceable battery, four in a pack
  • What We Don’t Like: older model with shorter range
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

He’s always losing his keys and wallet, and the whole ‘leave them by the front door’ rule just hasn’t worked out. Enter the Tile Pro. Clip one to his key ring and put another in his wallet and the app will tell him where they are the next time they go missing. He can even use the Tile to ring his phone if he lost that somewhere in the couch cushions. Since there’s four in a pack, he can use the others for additional valuables, like his gym bag and travel backpack.

For the Guy Who Likes to Recline

63. Beaudin Vegan Leather Recliner

  • What We Like: vegan leather, has lift assist
  • What We Don’t Like: not as refined as real leather
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

There’s nothing like putting your feet up after a long day, and dad can do just that with this leather recliner that has a manual push back recline function and position lock. It even has lift assist should dad have trouble getting up after dozing off for a nap in it. Perfect for dads who have mobility issues, it’s easy to clean and is made from skin-friendly PPU leather.

For the Dad Who Doesn't Drink

64. Better Rhodes Trudy's Wine Club

  • What We Like: cancel anytime
  • What We Don’t Like: only for non-drinkers
  • Return Policy: No returns

There's a whole new beverage category for the NA (non-alcohol) drinker, from aperitifs and near beers to distilled botanical elixirs and more. He'll appreciate a subscription to a monthly box of the best-tasting (and buzz-free) new offerings. You can choose among red, white, sparkling, and rose, or get dad a variety so he can try them all. The best part? You can cancel anytime!

For the Carnivore

65. Butcher Box

  • What We Like: high-quality meats
  • What We Don’t Like: meat comes frozen
  • Return Policy: eligible for damaged or missing items, late delivery, improper handling

"This delivered-to-your-door subscription box allows you to customize a monthly haul of ethically sourced meat, based on what your dad or husband loves the most," says PureWow Editor-In-Chief Jillian Quint. "I got this for my husband for his birthday, and he's loved opening it up to find chops, steaks, bacon, you name it. And since he's the cook in our house, I reap the benefits." Give him an introduction to the brand with a Father’s Day box, which includes NY strip streaks, burgers, ribs, Italian sausage, and ButcherBox bacon.

For the Dad with Back Issues

66. Theragun Mini

  • What We Like: compact, long battery life
  • What We Don’t Like: no extra attachments
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

Goodbye, annoying sciatica pain! So long, sore muscles! Introduce your dad to his new best friend, the Theragun massager. Trust us, he’ll be just as obsessed as everyone else. Whether he comes home sore after work, playing piggyback with the kids, or pumping iron, he’ll love this massage gun. It offers long battery life, three speeds, and comes with a travel pouch so he can even bring it with him to the gym.

For the Skincare Devotee

67. Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner

  • What We Like: vegan, free of chemicals
  • What We Don’t Like: only a small tube
  • Return Policy: 30 day returns

Scotch Porter started as a skincare line specifically for men of color and has since expanded to include beard and haircare as well. The website even has a How To page with step-by-step guides on the best way to use each of its products. If dad has been growing his out and refuses to shave, he can at least keep it in tip-top condition, rehydrating and preventing dandruff. Oh, did we mention it’s vegan, too?

For the Dad Who Made You Watch Finding Bobby Fischer

68. UncommonGoods Wall Chess

  • What We Like: doesn’t use up valuable table space
  • What We Don’t Like: only good for slow games
  • Return Policy: no time limits

Lucky for Dad, watching The Queen’s Gambit and other chess dramas has finally made you just as interested in chess as he always hoped you would be. Gift him this wall-mounted set so you can both take your time considering your next moves without cluttering the kitchen table. It’ll be the perfect way to start his mornings by getting those strategic juices flowing.

For the Curious Coffee Lover

69. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

  • What We Like: totally customizable
  • What We Don’t Like: recurring subscription
  • Return Policy: cancel any time before next billing cycle

This delicious monthly delivery features a bag of beans from different places around the globe, including Costa Rice, Honduras, Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Indonesia and more. You can customize it to dad’s taste, choosing everything from ground versus whole bean (even pods!), grind type, roast preference, and how many bags. Dad will love having something new to try every month.

For the Dad Who Has a Sweet Tooth

70. Godiva Chocolate Gift Box

  • What We Like: lots of variety, comes in a gift box
  • What We Don’t Like: he’ll eat them too quickly, not nut-free
  • Return Policy: no returns

Go ahead, let Dad indulge a bit with this super sweet gift box that’s filled with a luxurious selection of Belgian chocolates. He can dive right into the velvety ganache milk and dark chocolates and the salted caramels if he’s in the mood for creamy, or add a flavor burst with the almond crunch and raspberry star. I bet he can’t eat just one!

For the Sentimental Dad

71. Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

  • What We Like: can remotely upload photos
  • What We Don’t Like: requires some work to set up
  • Return Policy: 14-15 days, (up to 60 days for Best Buy TotalTech members)

Be prepared for tears to be flowing when Dad unboxes this gift, but only if you go the extra mile and load it up with a selection of photos first. The great thing about this digital photo frame is that you can remotely upload photos any time using the app. Start dad off with a nice selection but keeping adding new photos all year ‘round to continue to give him all the feels. I got one of these for my parents years ago and I’ll still get the occasional text saying “hey, I’m ready for some new photos!”

For the Hot Sauce Loving Dad

72. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

  • What We Like: nice gift box, lots of flavors
  • What We Don’t Like: no fresh peppers
  • Return Policy: no time limit returns

Dad might have seemingly tried every hot sauce under the sun, convinced he can take the heat. He might even grow his own peppers in the backyard. But what he probably hasn’t tried yet is making his own sauce. This kit provides everything he’ll need to get creative, including six bottles and labels, assorted spices, distilled white vinegar, a funnel, gloves, and instructions. He just needs to add the heat and request that everyone get out of the kitchen.

Best Novelty Gift

73. Dad Joke Button

  • What We Like: fun gift, comes with batteries
  • What We Don’t Like: limited number of jokes
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Give dad a few new ones to add to his arsenal of dad jokes with this hilarious novelty talking button. It contains more than 50 dad-approved dad jokes. When dad runs out of inspiration, he can press this button and poof! There’s a dad joke delivered in the nick of time. It even comes with batteries so he can get started out of the box.

For the Road Trip Dad

74. First Secure Car Emergency Kit

  • What We Like: plenty of tools
  • What We Don’t Like: dad might not get to use it (but that’s a good thing)
  • Return Policy: 30-day returns

Taking to the open road, top down, wind in his hair is probably a favorite past-time of the car-loving dad. Make sure he’s safe with an emergency kit in the trunk that has all the tools and trinkets he’ll need in case of emergency. That includes jumper cables, a nylon tow strap, plastic air pumps, tire repair kit, window glass breaker and more. Sure, maybe it’s a gift that gives you more peace-of-mind than him. But if he’s ever in a pinch, he’ll appreciate having it tucked away in the back.

For the Star Wars Dad

75. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego

  • What We Like: intricate details, comes with minifigures
  • What We Don’t Like: the kids might steal it!
  • Return Policy: 30 day returns

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? If your dad falls into that camp, he’ll appreciate this gift that he can put together with the kids, or maybe even on his own. With 1,351 pieces, it will keep him busy for hours, maybe even days. Once done, he can break out the “Krgl” and pop it on the shelf like Lord Business or agree to allow the kids to play with it…sparingly.

What Are Good Gifts for Dad?

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, so what’s a great gift for one dad might not necessarily be great for another. Your trendy papa, for example, might be all in on an Apple Watch while grandpa would much rather a simple, single-function portable Bluetooth speaker for listening to his fav podcasts. But there are plenty of gifts that will go over well with just about any dad.

Some of the most popular Father’s Day gifts include items like accessories for the car (for a dad who drives, of course), personal care items (think a beard trimmer or shaving gift set), sporting goods for the active dad (or one who needs a little push to become more so), home improvement and gardening tools, clothing (just make sure you get the size right and pick something he’ll actually wear) and of course, high-tech gadgets and gizmos.

Start by considering what dads interests and hobbies are. He probably has the core gear he needs for these, but there’s always something you can get that he can never have enough of or might not have invested in for himself. Does he love golf? A set of extra balls or a rangefinder would be a thoughtful gift. Does he run daily? A smartwatch that can track his runs (better than the 1980s pedometer he’s been wearing or the fitness tracker he bought eight years ago) shows you care, or a new pair of running shoes would be ideal. If he loves tinkering with tech, there are so many gifts that he’ll get just as much joy setting up as he will using them once they’re ready to enjoy.

Where to Buy Gifts for Dad

You can find great gifts for dad from a variety of places online, including shops like Amazon and Walmart. For high-tech gifts, turn to stores like Best Buy, while unique gifts of all kinds are available through sites like Uncommon Goods and even Etsy. For apparel, look to a variety of clothing stores, from Nordstrom to Nike. Gifts for handy dads, meanwhile, are available through stores like The Home Depot. There are so many places you can find wonderful gifts for dads of all types and ages who have either unique or common interests.

30 Father’s Day Activities He’ll Actually Enjoy

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PureWow's editors and writers have spent more than a decade shopping online, digging through sales and putting our home goods, beauty finds, wellness picks and more through the wringer—all to help you determine which are actually worth your hard-earned cash. From our PureWow100 series (where we rank items on a 100-point scale) to our painstakingly curated lists of fashion, beauty, cooking, home and family picks, you can trust that our recommendations have been thoroughly vetted for function, aesthetics and innovation. Whether you're looking for travel-size hair dryers you can take on-the-go or women’s walking shoes that won’t hurt your feet, we’ve got you covered.