I Love My Ponytail, I Hate Moving My Seat to Accommodate It. Four Carmakers Actually Get This

Ponytails range from sloppy to chic, from the scraped-back-for-yoga to the fancy and cocktail-party ready. And they absolutely change the way you fit in your car. 

If you’re like most of us, you reach down and adjust the seat, so your neck isn’t pitched forward. Or, you end up with a trip to the chiropractor.

Thankfully, a number of carmakers have addressed this issue—one as a result of customer feedback, the others just as a matter of tinkering with the function of the headrest. So without further ado, the four best cars for the ponytailed among us.


Audi Q5/sq5

Audi recently surveyed its female customers for updates to the newly redesigned Q5 SUV and found the ponytail issue a top complaint. Hence, the company added a headrest that moves backward or forward with the push of a button, thus allowing you to easily change your positioning from day to day (and hairstyle to hairstyle). Fingers crossed it adds this to all its models moving forward.


Bmw 5 And 7 Series

The premium seats in these cars allow you to adjust the upper portion only—effectively the headrest—forward or backwards depending on comfort. BMW has featured this “articulating seat back” for more than a decade, and while it wasn’t likely due to the request of ponytail-wearing gals, it’s probably why many women love to hop into the driver’s seat.


Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln is in the middle of serious renaissance and has completely reshaped its approach to luxury, including a driver’s seat that adjusts 30 different ways. The highlight? A headrest that telescopes in and out, reaching forward to cradle your head so you can sit back, relax and not think about your hairdo.


Ford F-150

Find this one surprising? We’ve got four words for you: Men in work hats. Yep, a lot of them drive F-150s, and they definitely don’t want a seat that pushes their heads down. Ford’s ratcheting headrest pulls forward click by click and when pulled all the way forward, snaps back to its original position. Whether you’re a ponytail-wearer, a pickup truck lover or both, this is some head-friendly technology.