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Before having kids, you might have thought of your winter wardrobe as kind of fun—luxurious, even. And that’s probably what your friends were thinking when they brought those newborn-size shearling house slippers to your baby shower. Alas, as you now know, there is little joy in bundling up a baby, especially with items that are all fashion and no function. That’s why we asked some NYC mamas how they manage to take public transit when the subway platform is frigid, or trek crosstown on foot for groceries—all with a tiny person in tow. Here, the absolute best winter baby clothes and gear, according to real New York women.

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1. City Threads Thermal Underwear

Moms in the know swear by these exceedingly soft and comfortable long johns as a first layer of defense for keeping babies and toddlers warm. In fact, word on the street is that they are toasty enough to take the place of that chunky sweater that strains the zipper on your bunting. They’re also snuggly enough to stay on baby when you get back indoors, so you don’t have to strip off every layer and start over the second you get through the front door.

$23 at Amazon


2. Bebamour Universal Hoodie All-Season Carrier Cover

Carriers are so convenient for those times you just can’t be bothered with the big-ass baby jogger. (And let’s be honest, who’s jogging in this weather?) But even baby-wearing gets a bit fraught when temperatures dip and you realize you didn’t have the forethought to buy your winter coat two sizes too big. Enter this cover, which is lightweight (so a wintry gust of wind won’t make you face plant) and stands up well to the elements thanks to its waterproof fabric and detachable hood (with elastic adjustment to keep out snow and sleet). Basically, your bub can still get that treasured carrier nap even while you’re running errands in a snowstorm.

$28 at Amazon


3. Bogs Infants’ Dino Boot

We have it on good authority that these infant boots by Bogs are the superior choice for stomping and romping on baby’s first snow day. They’re easy to put on (so you won’t care if you’re only outside for five minutes) and super lightweight (so your awkward, newly mobile baby won’t forget he has feet) and so comfortable that even a full-fledged toddler won’t complain about calf chafing.

Buy It ($55)


4. The Northface Infant Thermoball Eco Bunting

This sherpa-lined snowsuit is pricier than your average bear bunting, but those in the know say it’s worth the extra money. The Northface Thermoball bunting is just as waterproof and warm as its bulkier competitors but infinitely more comfortable (so your baby won’t have that vaguely anxious look in all the photos you snap this winter.)

$120 at Amazon


5. GZMM Baby Winter Hat Scarf

A word to the wise: Don’t attempt to put a scarf on a newobrn. This knitted hood (aka balaclava) is a must-have since it keeps your baby’s head, ears and neck warm with a single garment. As one mom we spoke to put it, “If a baby hat falls off in the winter, but nobody has to bend down to pick it up because it was attached to a neck sleeve, did it ever really fall off at all?”

$14 at Amazon


6. Zelda Matilda Thinsulate Waterproof Mittens

Think of these as the only baby mittens that actually stay on impossibly small wrists. They’re truly waterproof, so they will stand up to extended snow play. Best of all, the Thinsulate lining keeps hands nice and toasty.

$14 at Amazon


7. N’Ice Caps Strong Stainless Steel Mitten Clips

Three little kittens lost their mittens, but thankfully yours did not, thanks to these highly effective elastic clips that keep anything you want attached to your baby’s outerwear…and can be reused season after season.

$8 at Amazon


8. Zutano Cozie Fleece Booties

These fleece booties keep feet nice and warm all winter. But the real selling point is that they go on easier than they come off, meaning you don’t have to worry about them slipping right off as soon as your baby tries to stick his foot in his mouth (literally, of course.)

$21 at Amazon


9. 7 A.M. Enfant Nido Cloud

You can’t keep your baby’s parka on in the car seat, but you can’t let her freeze while the car heats up either. Our NYC mom sources say the Nido Cloud, a plush baby wrap with a waterproof exterior that secures to both car and stroller seats, solves this dilemma with both safety and comfort in mind—and it provides enough warmth for even the coldest Wisconsin winter day.

$65 at Amazon


10. 7 A.M. Enfant Warmmuffs Stroller Gloves

New Year’s resolution: Stop carrying your mittens around in your teeth. These Warmmuffs from 7 A.M. Enfant are a much better look and stay securely attached to any stroller bar, so you can slip them on and off with ease, and without fumbling to find a place to put them. Oh, they’re waterproof and crazy warm too!

$45 at Amazon

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