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This Phone App Lets You Listen To (and Share) Your Babys Heartbeat
BellaBeat Shell

It’s the most exciting moment of pregnancy: Going to the doctor to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It’s magical, it’s glorious, it’s…something you can easily do yourself on your phone. For free.

Bellabeat Shell is a new app that tracks and records the heartbeat of your baby-to-be. Just download it, stick your phone’s microphone against your belly and press record. You can then save the file to your phone and share it with friends and family (whoa, technology is amazing).

The catch: The later you are in your pregnancy, the better it works, so try it around seven months or so.

For an even clearer recording of the heartbeat, Bellabeat sells an optional $69 amplifying add-on device that attaches to your phone. It’s currently sold out, but good news for winter babies: More will be available online in mid-December.

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