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Impending motherhood is already so full of “shoulds.” (Folic acid! Hands-free pumping bras! Wearing pants!). Luckily we are here to lighten your to-do list by granting you official permission to have fun at your own shower, send a birth announcement from your iPhone and register for cash. After all, this should be a time of celebration, not obligation. Here, five old-school traditions you can say goodbye to.

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baby traditions card

Sending a snail mail birth announcement

We’re not knocking the retro beauty of a paper announcement—especially with all the dreamy options out there. But these days it’s totally OK to take your pick from Paperless Post, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints or Red Stamp (to name but a few) and save your stamps for thank-you cards.

baby tradiitons shower

A women-only baby shower

Move over pastel-and-peonies ladies’ luncheons and make room for co-ed showers—where craft beer in baby bottles and gender reveal cakes (good luck not crying at this one) are gaining serious steam. After all, your husband did have a hand in the creation of this tiny person.

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baby traditions push present

The push present

Has there ever been a more appallingly-named concept in the history of gifting? If you want to celebrate the birth of your child with a thin pavé diamond band, more power to you. But if a getaway with your girls, an awesome pair of non-maternity jeans or a year-long contract that stipulates your husband must buy you sushi and deli meat daily is more your speed, that’s just as good in our book.

baby traditions gift registry

Registering for “stuff”

Just as honeymoon funds have replaced china for weddings, experiences and cash are trumping diaper pails and bottle warmers for the stroller set. Some sites like Babylist let you weave together a multi-store registry, while others enable friends and family to contribute to junior’s college fund. You'll buy your own burp cloths, thankyouverymuch. 

baby traditions relatives

Naming the baby after a relative

If your family tree is laden with dangling gems, pick away. But you will not be the first to abandon your lineage in favor of a baby name you love (hi, Blue Ivy). We doubt Great Aunt Ethel will hold it against you anyway.

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