27 Baby Names That Mean Moon

The moon is steeped in spirituality and science. It’s a symbol for mythological gods and goddesses. It’s responsible for the creation of our ocean’s tides. It’s used as a compass for so many who have looked to the skies to navigate life on earth. So, why is a baby name that means moon right for you? Maybe you love astrology. Maybe you want a name that references a universal force that guides our every way of being. (No pressure, baby.) Either way, here are our 27 of our favorite baby names, inspired by the one, the only moon.

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1. Apollo

Yes, it’s a reference to the handsome son of Zeus, but this name also pays tribute to the NASA space program that landed the first-ever humans on the moon.

2. Callisto

One of the moons of Jupiter, this gender-neutral name also means “most beautiful.”

3. Nikini

“Full moon in August.” Direct translation: The month she’s destined to shine the brightest.

4. Ayla

In Turkish, this name means “halo of light around the moon.”

5. Helene

“Bright, shining one.” It’s also the name of one of the moons rotating around Saturn.

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6. Luna

No guesswork here, this name means “moon.”

7. Portia

A nod to the moon of Uranus, and the heroine of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

8. Celena

A spelling variation on Selena, but with an identical meaning: “Moon.”

9. Esmeray

“Dark moon.”

10. Aruna

This Japanese name has many meanings, one of which is “moon love.”

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11. Calypso

The name of a “trailing moon” in Saturn’s orbit, it also has Greek mythological ties, nodding to a nymph whose name means, ‘I hide.’

12. Amaris

It means “child of the moon.”

13. Rosalind

“Beautiful rose.” Also, a moon of Uranus.

14. Larissa

It’s the name of one of Neptune’s moons.

15. Titan

It’s the largest moon of the planet Saturn, and means “powerful big man”—with a kind heart, of course.

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16. Hala

This name means “moon halo.”

17. Perdita

Another tribute to Shakespeare—and one of the moons circling Uranus.

18. Francisco

This moon also orbits Uranus. (It means “Frenchman” or “free man.”)

19. Luan

In Portuguese, this name means “moon.”

20. Elara

One of the moons of Jupiter.


21. Mona

This moniker is an old English word for the moon.

22. Cressida

It means “gold” in Greek, and is yet another moon closely orbiting Uranus.

23. Atlas

Per Greek mythology, he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders and is one of the moons of Saturn.

24. Chandra

This name means “moon” in Sanskrit.

25. Diana

Yes, it pays homage to the Princess of Wales—but also to the Roman goddess of the moon.

26. Jericho

Meaning city of the moon in Arabic.

27. Crescent

One of the moon's varying shapes.

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